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Why choose FBP to Migrate to Australia from the UAE

United Arab Emirates or simply put the UAE is home to above 9 million expats from 280 countries. These expats have played a great role in making the UAE a global hub for tourism and key financial activity. The society has turned into a multi-cultural of harmony and peace.

However, there are individuals and families who would like to migrate to Australia to find an even better future. Australia, like the UAE, welcomes talented migrants with arms wide open. Unlike the other immigration hotspots – such as the US, Canada and UK – Australia has made it very simple and easy for eligible individuals and families to migrate and settle down. As a result, the continent is now considered a harmonized multi-cultural region that promotes values based on mutual respect and peace.

Australia is now known as the “land of plentiful opportunities”. The country harnesses an inclusive economy that is based on the basic principles of equality and adaptability. This continent’s economy robust and facilitates thriving business success. A strong economy is the first indicator of a developed country which makes it an attractive destination for permanent residency and business investments. Australia has already made it big and wants to bloom further by taking in talented human capital from across the globe. To ensure further growth, Australian economy promises better compensation and premium-level civic amenities to the migrants who want to call the country their home.

The current immigration legislations have made it easier for skilled workers and their families to migrate to Australia. The UAE residents, especially, the expats are no different. If you are a skilled and talented individual and fulfil the Australian Migration criteria, you can easily move to the country, along with your family, within 6 to 9 months.

Unlike Canada and other countries, the qualification criteria to migrate to Australia from the UAE is simple. The beauty of the Australian migration system is that the Australian migration aspirants are kept up-to date on the actions being taken by the authorities on their applications. The system is largely digitalized which results in elimination of huge backlogs and unnecessary red tape. This allows faster decisions being conveyed to the applicants and genuine candidates get their Australian PR Visa grant within 6 to 9 months of application. In fact, there have been cases where certain highly qualified and trained professionals received their Australian PR Visa grants within a couple months!

Here’s a look at the requirements for the General Skilled Visa:

5 Requirements to MIGRATE to AUSTRALIA from the UAE

  • Degree / Diploma Holder
  • 4 years of Work Experience
  • Speak, Read, Write English
  • Below 45 years of age

This is the simplest possible criteria. And, since it is easy, the number of aspirants against the allocated slots are more. Individuals and families try to lodge their Australian immigration EOI themselves, however, due to lack of thorough parts of the application forms, their application remains incomplete. The best way to migrate to Australia from Dubai is to let an Australian expert migration agent – FBP International – take care of your visa application, documentation and manage it on your behalf until you get the decision from Australian authorities. This also greatly reduces chances of errors leading to possible visa refusals on technical grounds.

So how can FBP help the UAE residents migrate to Australia?

FBP International is the exclusive partner of BMS Australia – one of the finest Australian immigration firms located within the continent. BMS is an exclusive member of the Member of Migration Alliance (MMA) – Australia. The team at BMS constitutes of immigration specialists and legal practitioners who are members of their respective Australian bars and law societies.

FBP offers following managed and turnkey Australian immigration services from Dubai:

  • Australia Skilled Migration
  • Australia Business / Investor Settlement
  • Australian Partner / Parent Visa / Child Visa
  • Complete Documentation Services
  • Pre-Departure and Post Landing service management
  • Australian PR Card Services
  • Visa Refusal Appeal Cases

FBP’s exclusive association with Best Migration Services (BMS) Australia enables it to provide complete set of migration relevant consultancy and document clearing services at one place.

If you opt to migrate to Australia via FBP, following are the 4 simple steps that you will follow.

Step 1 – Find out if you qualify

How to Migrate to Australia from UAE - Step 1

  • Meet our consultants to access your credentials and find out if you qualify for migration

Step 2 – Submit all your documents

How to Migrate to Australia from UAE - Step 2

  • Complete the document checklist and provide all paperwork required

Step 3 – Lodge your application

How to Migrate to Australia from UAE - Step 3

  • Get your qualifications assessed and lodge your visa application

Step 4 – Visa Grant

How to Migrate to Australia from UAE - Step 4

  • Get the Visa, make your move and start your new life in Australia

Basically, FBP will hand hold you throughout the process of your migration to Australia. FBP, in association with BMS, also provides post landing services such as helping you find a relevant job, real estate matters and banking guidance etc. The basic philosophy of FBP international is to champion your right to a safe and secure future in Australia. You can click here to get in touch with FBP and start your Australian migration process today!