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PEPPOL e-invoicing

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PEPPOL e-Invoicing

Peppol is an international eProcurement framework created and managed by OpenPeppol. OpenPeppol standardises the way information is organised and exchanged.

In 2019, the Australian government implemented the Peppol framework, which is utilised across Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. Peppol uses a four-corner model for exchanging procurement data and documents. It transmits data via a secure network of certified service providers called ‘access points’.

The Peppol eInvoice standard is a trans-Tasman initiative that allows the universal digital exchange of various invoices between the accounting systems of suppliers and purchasers despite differences in software. It is an essential part of the government’s Payment Times Reporting initiative. The objective of a common eInvoicing standard is to replace traditional & PDF invoicing, reduce manual invoice & payment processing tasks, and open up productivity savings of $2.8 billion per annum across the economy.