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Subclass 802 (Child) Visa

Child Visas

Subclass 802 (Child) Visa

Subclass 802 (Child) Visa lets a child stay and live in Australia with their parents permanently.

Benefits of Subclass 802

With a Subclass 802 (Child) Visa, a child can:

  • Live in Australia indefinitely
  • Work and study in Australia
  • Enrol in Medicare
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • Sponsor eligible relatives to come to Australia
  • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

To be eligible to apply for this visa, the child must meet the following requirements:

  • Be dependent on a parent who is an:
    ○ Australian citizen
    ○ Eligible New Zealand citizen
    ○ Australian permanent visa holder
  • Be a/an:
    ○ Biological child
    ○ Adopted child
    ○ Stepchild (from a previous partner)
  • The child must be either:
    ○ Under 18 years,
    ○ Between 18 to 25 years and studying full-time, or
    ○ Over 18 years with a disability
  • The child must not have a partner. They must not or can never have been:
    ○ Married
    ○ Engaged to be married, or
    ○ In a de facto relationship
  • The child must be sponsored by:
    ○ An eligible parent,
    ○ Parent’s spouse, or
    ○ Parent’s de facto partner
  • Meet the health requirements.
  • Meet the character requirements.
Location when Applying

A child should be in Australia when applying but not in immigration clearance. If the applicant is in Australia on a different visa with a no-stay condition, the child cannot apply for Subclass 802.

Including Family

The applicant’s siblings cannot apply under the same application. Each sibling that is applying is required to submit a separate application.

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