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Why use Settlement Services

Settle In Australia

Why Use Settlement services?

Settling in a new country can be both an exciting and challenging experience, and Australia is no exception. Individuals immigrating to Australia may face numerous physical and psychological challenges, and settlement services are crucial in addressing the various problems and adaptations new expatriates in Australia may encounter. These services are typically provided to help individuals transition and facilitate their incorporation into the Australian community. Therefore, settlement services are not merely about assisting an individual to move but also about helping them settle into their new life and community efficiently.

Common Struggles of Settling in Australia

  • Cultural Differences: Australian culture is quite different from the rest of the world. New immigrants often face challenges in understanding and adjusting to Australian customs, social norms, and even colloquial language.
  • The Healthcare System: Australia’s healthcare and medical systems are implemented to help individuals with free and subsidised healthcare. However, familiarising oneself with Medicare and other private healthcare options can be challenging for individuals.
  • Housing and Cost of Living: Individuals face difficulties finding suitable accommodation, understanding rental processes, the real estate market, and managing the overall cost of living.
  • The Education System: Expats with children may need help comprehending the Australian educational system, enrolling their children in appropriate schools, and adjusting to the various curricula and teaching techniques.
  • Navigating the Banking System: Understanding the financial system, opening a bank account, and so on can seem daunting for a new immigrant.
  • Legal Requirements: It is of utmost importance that individuals familiarise themselves with Australian laws, rules, and legal requirements to avoid difficulties in the country. However, in the beginning, this may pose a bureaucratic challenge.

The Australian government understands these challenges and provides counselling and services to assist individuals. To know more about government support for settling in Australia, visit Settling in Australia.

FBP International is dedicated to guiding individuals through the immigration process to Australia. The settlement services evolve according to global and Australian policy frameworks and cover multiple issues, including job assistance, educational support, accommodation support, financial literacy, healthcare system navigation, orientation services, legal aid, family services, etc. From orientation services to help opening a bank account, the team is well-equipped to help individuals at every step of their migration journey.