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Orientation Services

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Orientation Services

FBP’s migration and settlement experts serve as invaluable guides for their clients, offering detailed orientations about life in Australia and how to navigate its various aspects effectively.

With their extensive knowledge and expertise about Australia, the team at FBP International provides insightful advice on how to approach different situations, saving clients time, money, and effort. From understanding cultural nuances to navigating bureaucratic processes, their guidance ensures a smoother transition and settlement in Australia.

By offering accurate directives and advice, FBP International makes life easier for individuals relocating to Australia, empowering them to make informed decisions and adapt quickly to their new environment.

Here are some of the topics that FBP covers as part of their orientation services:

  •  Initial Immigration Declaration Process for First Entry
  •  Pre-Arrival Quarantine Guidelines for Australia
  •  Essential Information Package
  •  Registration for an Australian Mobile Number
  •  Guide to Public Transportation
  •  Local Supermarkets and Grocery Stores Overview
  •  Proxy Post Address Service: Utilizing our registered Public P.O. Box address for mail reception until a permanent address is obtained
  •  Introduction to Australian Driver’s License Registration
  •  Overview of Australian Taxation, TFN, and ABN Setup
  •  Registration for Australian Health Insurance (for Temporary Visa Holders) or Medicare (for Non-Temporary Visa Holders)
  •  Australian ID Card Registration
  •  1-Hour Basic Tour Orientation and Q&A Session

FBP understands that its responsibility extends beyond facilitating migration to Australia; it also entails guiding individuals toward a seamless and fulfilling life in this beautiful country.