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Skilled Migration Visas

Types of Visas

Skilled Migration Visas

Australia has long been known as a global centre for skilled migration, drawing people from all over the world with various capabilities and expertise. Skilled professionals and other eligible working individuals can contribute to Australia’s economic growth and development through skilled migration visa programmes. These visas aim to create a competitive and dynamic workforce by addressing specific skill shortages in the Australian labour market.

A points-based screening process, which evaluates candidates’ age, education, job experience, English language competence, and other necessary skills, distinguishes the Australian skilled migration system. The goal is to identify individuals who can contribute significantly to healthcare, IT, engineering, and other sectors of the Australian economy.

The skilled migration programme continues to be a crucial part of Australia’s strategy for sustainable economic growth and innovation, even as the government adjusts immigration laws to meet the ever-evolving demands of the labour market.

Some of the visas Australia offers as part of the Skilled Migration Program are: