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Migrate from India

As of June 2021, the Indian-born population living in Australia reached 710,380, which is more than double the figure recorded in June 2011, standing at 337,120. After the United Kingdom, the Indian-born community represents the second-largest migrant group in Australia. This demographic accounts for 9.5% of Australia’s overseas-born population and constitutes 2.8% of the nation’s total population.

Individuals planning to work, study, or start a business in Australia can expect a warm welcome, but there are essential considerations before moving. Valuable suggestions, tips, and resources are available to ensure a smooth start. Approximately 20% of international students in Australia come from India, and the Study Australia website by the Australian government provides crucial information on study options and living costs. To prepare for the potentially higher cost of living in Australia, the government has set minimum financial requirements for a student visa, with a helpful foreign exchange calculator to determine the required amount in rupees. Australian students commonly live independently in apartments or shared houses, and various accommodation options can be explored on university and rental websites.

For those seeking employment, Australia’s thriving economy offers diverse opportunities for skilled Indian migrants and entrepreneurs. Detailed information on work restrictions based on visa types can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website. Before departure, it is advisable to research the job market using resources such as the Australian government’s Seek website and a brief guide to finding employment in Australia.

With growing trade relations between Australia and India, organizations like the Australia–India Business Council (AIBC) significantly promote business opportunities, offering networking events and opportunities to build businesses both locally and overseas.