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Migrate From UAE

Australia’s migration patterns have been ever-changing, influenced by the nation’s changing requirements, the state of the economy, and world events. According to recent updates in July 2023, there have been several important changes in the Australian migration landscape that may have a substantial influence on prospective immigrants from UAE.

Australia’s robust economy and diverse job market make it an enticing destination for skilled professionals from the UAE seeking new career opportunities. Moreover, Australia’s world-class education system is a draw for individuals from the UAE who may contemplate immigration for educational purposes, whether for personal growth or the benefit of their families.

The country also offers a high quality of life, a well-established healthcare system, comprehensive social services, and a safe and welcoming environment. Australia’s political stability and well-established legal system further contribute to its appeal, attracting individuals who prioritize a stable and secure living environment. Additionally, family reunion serves as a motivating factor for some UAE residents considering immigration to Australia, as they aim to join family members who are already residing in the country.

Here is a guide for individuals looking to immigrate to Australia from the UAE:

  • Attain the required IELTS score.
  • Obtain a Skill Assessment from the relevant authority for evaluation.
  • Select an occupation from the Skilled Occupation Lists.
  • If applicable, Secure nomination/sponsorship from an Australian Territory or State.
  • Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form on Skill-Select.
  • If an individual’s profile is selected, they may receive an Invitation to Apply for a Visa.
  • Submit the application for an Australian Visa within sixty days of receiving the invitation.