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Partner Visas

Types of Visas

Partner Visas

Australia’s partner visa program, which permits overseas partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or qualifying New Zealand citizens to live in Australia, is vital to reunifying couples and families. This program acknowledges the value of keeping close family ties and encouraging interactions between people of various nationalities. The partner visa program is flexible enough to meet various conditions because it has multiple subclasses designed to suit different relationship situations.

In order to stop fraudulent applications and guarantee that the partner visa program is used for its intended purpose—reuniting genuine couples—the Australian government has put laws and guidelines in place. The procedure includes a detailed evaluation of the connection, background checks, and fulfilling certain eligibility requirements. To be considered, applicants must show proof of their sincere and continuous relationship with their Australian partner. This proof can be joint financial obligations, evidence of shared housing, or proof of social connections.

When a partner visa is successfully obtained, the foreign partner is granted not only temporary or permanent residency but also access to a world of benefits, such as career prospects, healthcare, and the opportunity to start a life together in Australia.

Australia currently offers three Partner Visas, namely:

Partner (Spouse) visa

Will you be able to live with your partner in Australia? Maybe we could assist you.

An Australian partner visa allows a married or de facto (same or opposite sex) couple to enter and stay in Australia with their partner. Virtually available to you and your spouse, or under a partner visa program, if you have a truly devoted relationship with a non-Australian citizen and are an Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia.