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Opening a Bank Account

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Opening a Bank Account

A bank account in Australia is vital as government benefit schemes, and most jobs deposit money directly into the client’s account rather than providing cash or cheques. Opening an account within six weeks of arrival is advisable using only the passport as identification. After six weeks, additional documents, including one with a photograph or signature like a driver’s license, will be required.

Opening a bank account in Australia can be challenging due to the verification process, often requiring clients to provide extensive documentation. To simplify this task, FBP International offers an exclusive service in partnership with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, allowing clients to open an Australian bank account overseas before leaving their home country.

Having an Australian bank account offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Avoiding high credit card rates in your home country
  • Receiving payments from Australian businesses
  • Accessing inexpensive international money transfers to Australia
  • Withdrawing money at low-interest rates
  • Convenient online shopping

FBP International stands out as one of the few entities authorised to display the Commonwealth Bank logo on their website as a partner. This affiliation underscores our strong network in Australia, providing clients with the confidence to make the move Down Under.