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Settlement Services:
FBP International Assists You Beyond Visa Issuance!

Relocating to a new country involves a lot of planning and preparation, and the migration process is just one part of it. Even after the migration process is completed, settling into a new country can be overwhelming. At FBP International, we offer comprehensive settlement and post-arrival services in Australia to help make the transition as smooth as possible. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are highly regarded as the top Australian immigration lawyers and settlement experts.

Services offered by FBP International include:

  • Information on anything and everything related to living in Australia.
  • Help in finding the right place to stay.
  • Guidance for finding and securing a job.
  • Assistance with enrolling school-going children in school
  • Counselling on settling into life in Australia.
  • Help with finding and acquiring property.
  • Assistance with fulfilling immediate social needs such as obtaining a Tax File Number, registering with Centrelink, and applying for Medicare.

Settle in Australia

    Opening a Bank Account - let us make it easy for you!

    Opening a bank account initially in Australia can be challenging. To create an account in Australia, you need 100 points. With FBP International, this task can be made easy.

    FBP International has tied up with Australia’s national bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia enabling clients to open an Australian bank account from their home country before their departure.

    Having an Australian bank account is a boon, so that you can have the advantages such as:

    • Avoid using your credit card at your home country, at high rates.
    • Being able to receive payment from an Australian business.
    • The availability of inexpensive international money transfers to Australia
    • Taking out money at a low interest rate
    • Online shopping

    Quick & Easy Steps to Migrate to Australia

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