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South Australia

About South Australia South Australia, situated in the southern central part of Australia, encompasses vast arid regions. With a total land area of 984,321 square...


About Tasmania Tasmania, situated 240 km south of the Australian mainland and separated by Bass Strait, is an island state of Australia. It comprises the...


About Victoria Victoria, located in southeast Australia, is a state characterized by its picturesque landscapes, including mountains, national parks, wineries, and stunning surfing beaches. The...

New South Wales

About New South Wales New South Wales (NSW), located in southeastern Australia, stands out for its coastal cities and national parks, showcasing a diverse range...


About Queensland Queensland, also known as QLD, is the third most populous state in Australia, with a population of over 5.1 million people. The state's...

Western Australia

About Western Australia Western Australia (WA), occupying the vast western third of Australia, predominantly consists of arid Outback terrain. Its population is concentrated in the...

Northern Territory

About Northern Territory The Northern Territory (NT) is a vast federal territory in Australia, distinguished for its expansive Outback desert landscapes. Within the arid Red...

Australian Capital Territory

About Australian Capital Territory The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is the political entity of the Commonwealth of Australia that encompasses Canberra, the national and territorial...

Overview Australia

History Australia, the sixth-largest country globally, boasts a population of approximately 25 million inhabitants residing across an expansive landmass spanning 3 million square miles. Renowned...
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