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Top 5 Healthcare Professions in Australia for Migrants

Australia has grown leaps and bounds during the past few decades. The mega infrastructure development and a stable economy has moved this continent in one of the fastest growing nations of the world. In recent times, Australia has become a migration hotspot for aspirants looking for a secure future. The continent takes pride in being a truly multi-cultural society that welcomes talented human capital with arms wide open.

The immigration policies of Australia, unlike some developed countries, are favourable towards aspiring talented immigrants. In fact, it is one of the only developed economies of the world that has a transparent and robust immigration process. An applicant remains informed at every stage of their application and is not required to wait for years to get a final decision. This policy of transparency has triggered a mass immigration interest amongst skilled workers located worldwide. Skilled individuals in various fields of engineering, healthcare, aviation, accounts etc are of great demand in Australia.

Australia is looking for healthcare professionals from all relevant fields. The main reason for this recent hike in demand for these professionals is consistent influx of migrants and their families in the country. Australia is known for providing top of the line medical and healthcare facilities. There is a growing trend of medical tourism as well that’s triggering this demand for these healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the healthcare professions that have a good chance of getting an Australian PR.

GPs and Specialists Jobs in Australia

Australia offers some great opportunities for medical doctors and specialists to work and live in the country. Australia boasts of a health system that is top of the line and is considered a benchmark for developing nations around the globe. Australia is getting populated with skilled immigrants and their families. This influx has resulted in a wide scale growth of governmental and private health facilities nationwide. The salary of doctors in Australia is highly competitive and is comparable to the renumerations that are offered in North American and European countries. As per the Australian official Job outlook site, there’s a potential for 21000 doctor jobs within the next 5 years.

Nurses Jobs in Australia

There are countless nursing jobs available in Australia for qualified professionals. There is a shortage of skilled nursing human capital in Australia and this means better wages and quicker PR visa processing for eligible candidates. Nurses migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration regime and FBP International can help them with their application lodgement as well as post-landing services to settle down into their new life in Australia. On an average, the nurses in Australia earn anywhere between AUD 60,000 to AUD 120,000 depending on the education, skill and experience level. As per Job Outlook Australia, there’s a possibility of 29,400 General Registered Nursing jobs being created each year for the next 5 years. This means that nurses have lots of leverage when job hunting in Australia. However, due to limited slots allocated per year, it is important to start the Australian immigration process as soon as possible to not miss out this golden opportunity.

Medical Laboratory Technician in Australia

Medical Diagnostics is a lucrative and well-rewarded field in Australia. Since there are more top of the line healthcare facilities and hospitals opening up, there’s a shortage of trained and qualified medical lab technicians. From phlebotomists to tissue culture technicians, there’s an urgent need for skilled staff to fill these positions. The medical lab technicians earn around AU $1,159 weekly with a future of stable growth and low unemployment rates. There is substantial demand in Australia for this profession. If you have the required qualifications and professional work experience, then FBP International can assist you with your Australian PR Visa application.

Physiotherapists Jobs in Australia

Physiotherapists have a promising future in Australia. Physiotherapists are basically the healthcare professionals who assess and treat patients for a variety of physical issues that hinder body movements. Now qualified individuals can work independently but, earlier it was required for physiotherapists to work under supervision of senior medical doctors or specialists. The starting salary bracket of physiotherapists in Australia falls roughly between AUD 65000 to AUD 75000 depending on the education, skill and experience level. If you are a qualified physiotherapist with a valid diploma and experience in the field, then FBP International can help you move to Australia for better and secure future prospects.

Medical Imaging Professionals Jobs in Australia

As per the Australian official Job Outlook and growth website, the number of Medical Imaging Professionals – mainly medical diagnostic radiographers and sonographers – has witnessed astounding growth in the past 5 years. On an average, these professionals earn around
AUD 110K to 120K. There is a considerable demand for this skill in Australia and you can contact FBP International to migrate to Australia to work and live permanently.

These are the top 5 healthcare related professions that have a sizeable demand in Australia. If you have the right qualifications bundled with valid experience and you fall under the age limit, then you have high chances of Australian PR Visa success.

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