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5 Must Do Things in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia and is one of the best cities of the continent to live and working. Recently, the city was listed in the most livable cities of the world due to its moderate weather and lower cost of living. Since 2012, the city has been scoring high for its affordability of living in the world and takes pride in being one of the multicultural cities that offers inexpensive food, lower interest rates and moderate real estate prices. Fortunately, it is easier to migrate to Australia and settle down in Adelaide since its categorised as regional Australia.

Adelaide enjoys typical Mediterranean climate and that helps in exploring the outdoors without much hassle. Also, the summers are long followed by a shorter span of a milder winter experiencing lesser than average rainfall. The city can be visited at any part of the year and is an authentic all-season tourist retreat.

From a tourism perspective, Adelaide has to a lot to offer for children of all ages. Once you land in the city to settle down or as a tourist, you’ll have plenty to do and visit in and around the city. From exotic cuisines and home drawn wine to exotic wildlife parks and calm strolls along beautiful North Terrace, the city has a lot to offer. The outskirts of Adelaide have several daytrip options such as Kangaroo Islands and Barossa.

Here are some of the top exciting things you can do in Adelaide:

Taste multicultural fusion cuisines at the Adelaide Central Market:

The Adelaide Central Market should be your first stop when in the city. The market boasts of a rich history and has been serving the residents and tourists since 1896! There are more than 70 food mongers selling from exotic and delicious seafood to kebabs and sweet delicacies; you will be tentalized by the taste and the buzz of the market will add flavour. You can also try some of the smelly cheese soup, freshly squeezed juices and very authentic sushi in the market. It is advised to plan your visit ahead as the market is not operational on Sundays and Mondays.


The Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval is one of the prime sports and entertainment venues in the city. The Stadium is located very near to the Adelaide city centre and hosts several national and international sporting events throughout the year. The stadium has turned into an icon for the cricket and Australian Football fans who turn up here just to get a selfie with this stadium’s iconic building in the backdrop. The stadium also hosts dedicated food courts and sports related merchandizing shops. There’s a free museum dedicated to Australia’s best cricketer ever – Sir Donald Bradman – which is a treat for all the cricket fans. The museum displays the evolution of the game of cricket in the shape of wall art.

The Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide zoo is not your ordinary around the corner place with caged animals. It is a place far beyond what you can imagine. Australia is called land of the plenty because most of the Australian wildlife is unique and there are species being discovered every other day from the Aussie wilderness.  From Red Kangaroos to lazy Koalas and the Tasmanian devils, you’ll come across animal species that are unique to Australia. Also, don’t forget to watch the different types of Australian snakes that shimmer and standout due to their uniquely distinctive shapes. All the cages have been made to match the natural habitat of the residing animals. The zoo allows sleep overs against a fee and allows feeding the animals (Please check with the zookeepers for the authorized diets that are available on spot before attempting to feed any animal).

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Adelaide has a lot to offer for nature lovers. The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are located right next to the Adelaide Zoo and you can visit both sites together. The Botanic gardens are huge and offer the visitors eight vast gardens, a full-fledge wet-land and an in-house forest. All this is spread over massive 124 acres of land. The Adelaide Botanic Gardens also hosts a bicentennial conservatory and a dedicated museum showcasing the concept of economic Botany. There’s a section in the gardens that showcases the plants with healing properties alongside an area dedicated for children to learn about plants, fruits and herbs. The vast grounds of these gardens are open for family picnics and it is suggested to bring your food basket and assorted accessories along to have a good family time.

Waterfall Gully

The Waterfall Gully is in the Adelaide Cleland Conservation park and is a very popular tourist destination. The main attraction for Adelaide’s tourists and residents alike is this amazing waterfall along with the 3-mile-long hike trail that ends at the Mount Lofty Summit path. The place offers a complete family day out and has everything that can make you and your family enjoy your time together. The gushing water from the waterfalls gleams like gold when sunlight reflects on it. This is perhaps one of the most scenic locations in the whole of Adelaide. Also, if you are planning to hike the track, then don’t forget your cell phone or camera. There are chances that you may spot Red Kangaroos and Koalas along the way.

These are the 5 must-do things in Adelaide. Of course, Adelaide has a lot more to offer for everyone, but nature lovers and adventure seekers love it more because of countless opportunities available. FBP International has helped 1000+ families and individuals settle into Australia and you could be the next! We provide turnkey Australia settlement solutions in collaboration with BMS Australia. Please click here to book an appointment and secure yours and your loved one’s future.