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5 Must Do Activities When Exploring the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef located in Queensland, Australia is the world’s largest coral reef. The reef is massive in size and has a stretch of nearly 2400 KM along the coastline of Queensland. The reef debuts at the peninsula of Cape York and works its way down to Bundaberg in the south. The reef has been declared as a global heritage area and the total span of the reef in the ocean wings up to 348,000 KM2.

The reef has a myriad of islands located within its stretch and some of them have taken up shapes of beautiful objects such as the heart shaped coral. The cumulative size of the reef is larger than the area of Denmark, United Kingdom and Switzerland combined. Also, this reef is one of natural rare structures that is vividly visible and markable from outer space.

The Great Barrier reef is known for its humongous size, crystal clear waters, biodiversity and breath-taking landscapes.  This reef is the most liked spots among water sport enthusiasts. From sailing on the large waves to scuba diving in order to witness the mesmerizing ocean floor, there is something for everyone to explore at this reef. You will need at least 5 to 6 days at hand. This reef cannot be enjoyed in a day out.

Scuba Diving and Ocean Floor Exploring:

Scuba Diving and Ocean Floor Exploring

Scuba Diving is one of the key activities that you’ll indulge in at The Great Barrier Reef. There’s a saying that if you haven’t seen The Great Barrier Reef through a scuba mask; you’ve missed it all. However, it is important to consider your skill level adequacy to see if it is fit for scuba diving at any of the sub-reefs. The most popular spots are the Cairns and Ribbon reefs located right in the heart of the great reef itself. These two spots are perfect for first-time scuba divers. The ocean floor at these two locations are simply mesmerizing! You’ll witness the ultra-beautiful shoals of small and mid-size undersea fauna dodging the coral build-ups and swimming in a rhythmic pattern. The best time to go scuba diving is during the Australian summers amid calm and sunny weather conditions.


Love is in the Air – Heart Reef:

Love is in the Air – Heart Reef

If you are a couple, newly married or have decided on rebooting your romantic lives, then the heart reef should be on your to-do-for-sure list! The heart reef lies within the hardy reef area of the Great Barrier and is a natural coral composition that was first discovered in 1975. Since the reef has been declared a national and international heritage site, so you can’t land on the reef or explore it on foot. However, if you are taking your loved one for a one-off great surprise, then simply hop on to the sea plane service for an aerial view. That’s where the magic is. The heart reef has achieved the symbolical status of a romantic site and there have been proposals and re-vowing in air with eyes stuck onto this magical view symbolizing love and beauty.

Peace and Serenity – Valsoff Cay Island

Peace and Serenity – Valsoff Cay Island

Have you ever desired having a deserted island all to yourself with the sea kissing on all sides? Well, the Valsoff Cay Island is your desire coming true! You can hire a chopper ride with your family – complete with your diving gear, picnic basket and rugs – to the Valsoff Cay Island for a wonderful 90-minute excursion on an inhabited island where your privacy wouldn’t be hindered by anyone. This will be the best one and a half hour that you will spend with your loved ones in the most beautiful romantic settings with no botheration from anyone whatsoever.

Sailing – The Sindbad In You

Sailing – The Sindbad In You

If you love the sea, then you can’t miss out on sailing The Great Barrier reef! The north of Cairns reef is the best spot to embark on your short or long sailing adventure. There is a myriad of sailing options to choose from. Either you can enjoy the views on a luxury multi-day yacht trip, or you can keep it classic with a wind propelled small yacht and hop from island to island. The sailing conditions are usually normal all year round. However, Australian summers add a more fantastic flavour to the adventures. The salty sea breeze along with rhythmic and calm sea waves with you captaining your ship is a dream come true for many. There are many sailing providers located in the Queensland city and at the reef as well. You can plan your day trip by getting in touch with anyone of them. This, for sure, will be a sail you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Don’t Forget the Land Fauna:

Don’t Forget the Land Fauna

We are done with everything that had to do with water at The Great Barrier Reef. However, there is a wildlife sanctuary located in Port Douglas near to Cairns which helps promote conservation of the native Australian species. The sanctuary hosts a series of wetlands, rainforest, woodland and savannah animals. You’ll be able to spend time among them and even touch some of them. You’ll find huge pythons, resting Koalas, Kangaroos, crocs and even pelicans at the site. There are multiple ways you can book your day out at the sanctuary. There are on spot tickets also available.

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