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Transform Your Professional Experience Into Qualifications

Get Australian Qualifications based on Work experience only!

Finding and selecting paths in life that best fit your beliefs and aspirations is a continuous journey. In an ever-changing and competitive employment market, obtaining the appropriate qualifications will help you achieve your career goals and secure a fulfilling career.

Australian qualifications are highly respected and recognized internationally.

Once you have acquired meaningful professional work experience it is possible for you to obtain qualifications in accordance with the stringent Australian education criteria.

So, if you are looking for a globally recognized qualification, Qualifications Australia can assist you in obtaining the best Australian credentials by converting your work experience into a qualification which is recognized by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

Numerous individuals across many industries are stuck in entry level roles due to a lack of qualifications, while having adequate abilities obtained through years of experience. Similarly, a lot of people struggle with migration for the same reason. As a result, better chances for advancement, success, and progress are all hindered. Qualifications Australia aids such individuals in bridging their career path by providing the necessary qualifications.

Qualifications Australia has been helping thousands of applicants, who are grateful for the second opportunity they’ve received to revive their career. Through the Australian Qualifications Framework, applicants from all over the world have been able to match their professional experiences with a relevant Australian qualification. 

Benefits & Opportunities
  • Overseas work experience can be matched by QA with an appropriate Australian Qualification
  • Your qualification from Qualifications Australia satisfies the educational requirements for Australian migration and employment.
  • No need to study! Nor online or on-campus attendance is required
  • All employers and educational institutions in Australia and throughout the world accept qualifications provided by QA because the AQF is the governing body of the Australian education system, which is internationally recognized.
  • Improved options for employment, the future, and professional advancement
  • Increased perks and earning potential
  • Academic transcripts and graduation certificates are issued within 4 to 10 weeks!
  • An Australian qualification significantly boosts your eligibility for skilled migration, to ANY country!

Qualifications Australia is based in Australia, and the legal team of FBP International can guide you through the process! Watch your career soar once your talents have been matched with an Australian qualification from Qualifications Australia!

So, if your goal is to work in Australia, apply for QA through FBP International to increase your chances of achieving your ultimate career goal or help you to migrate. Check the  FBP website for more information and get in touch with one of our migration consultants to learn more about the process.

FBP International ensures a smooth migration process from start to finish and we can help our clients settle in Australia by opening bank accounts on their behalf, assist with finding a place to live and even find the job of your dreams! Our settlement assistance programs can be customized to meet ALL your needs.

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