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10 Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia

Australia constantly ranks high in various global indexes. It is one of the top-rated nations for individuals seeking a better life and a secure future. 6 Australian universities rank in the top 100 World University Rankings 2024. Additionally, Australia ranks first in the world for gender parity among professional and technical workers. With a booming […]
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A Beginner’s Guide to Australian Sponsored Family Visas

Australia’s high standard of living, good quality of life, excellent education, and other opportunities make the country a paradise for those seeking better job opportunities and ways of living. Australia focuses on growing skilled migration and actively invites suitable candidates to apply for permanent residency. However, the Australian government understands and recognises the importance of […]
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Australia vs Canada: A Comprehensive Guide for Prospective Migrants

From the Outback to the Great White North, migration offers diverse adventures in Australia and Canada.  Migration destinations are important decisions that need to be carefully considered, and selecting between Australia and Canada is one of them. Though each country has distinct immigration laws, living expenses, citizenship requirements, healthcare systems, employment security, and other factors, […]
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New Opportunity for Indian Professionals: Australia Launches MATES Scheme for Early Career Talent Mobility

Australia and India signed the Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement (MMPA), a bilateral framework supporting and promoting two-way migration and mobility between the two countries. Early career professionals and university graduates from India are permitted to temporarily relocate throughout the nation according to the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early Professionals Scheme, or “MATES,” established under […]
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Australian PR Made Easy: Your Pathway with FBP International

Introduction Do you want to move to Australia and get Australian Permanent Residency (PR)? This blog will present you with an in-depth and thorough guide on obtaining Australian PR. We’ll also discuss why FBP International is the best option to reach your Australian PR goals, assuring a simple and successful application process. Understanding the Australian […]
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