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Australia expanded migration intake to 195,000 places in 2022-23

According to the latest migration updates, the Albanese Labor Government has announced an increase in permanent immigration visas from 160,000 to 195,000 in 2022–2023 (Source: minister.homeaffairs.gov.au).

This demonstrates unequivocally the need for an additional 35,000 permanent visas to address sections of the Australian economy that are currently experiencing severe shortages.

There will be 34,000 slots available in the Skill stream for Regional visas, representing an increase of 9,000 places from earlier estimates.

Below is the breakup of 195,000 designated slots:

  • A total of 142,400 spots assigned to the Skill stream
  • 52,500 spots to the Family stream 
  • 100 spots to the Special Eligibility stream

There will also be a considerable rise in the number of State and Territory visas, from 11,200 seats last year to 31,000 spots this year, to handle the urgent requirements in their jurisdictions.

This rise in opportunities would instantly address acute skill shortages and assist immigrants in establishing their lives in Australia.

Additionally, the government will set aside an additional $36.1 million for visa processing to hire 500 more people over the following nine months.

This approach enables the State and Territory Governments to respond to talent shortages and plan for the requirements of their respective local communities, who are the best qualified to understand those needs.

Australia will be able to compete in the global hunt for talent if it changes its migration system away from a guest worker economy. Australia appeals to all potential skilled workers, IT professionals, tech workers, accountants, engineers, chefs, and many more (refer to the federal skill list) to migrate to Australia. This is the right time for all the Skilled workers who dream of migrating to Australia for better prospects.


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