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Top 10 in-demand jobs in Australia!

Australia- the vast country with ample opportunities is seeking more and more employees to be filled in different industrial sectors. Being a massive continent with low population density, the work force requirement in Australia is huge. Australia has a major skill shortage because of the number of job vacancies is currently greater than the number of unemployed people!
To tackle the situation, different solutions and measures are being planned. Australia is planning to focus and increase budget on vocational education and training. But since this is a long-term plan for future and doesn’t address the present situation, immediate solution is into increase the intake of skilled workers through General Skill Migration (GSM) Scheme.

The Government has addressed the issue on a serious note and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that the shortfall on work force had not been sudden. “The Skills have changed. We need to change the training to match those skills” He added.
This situation turned out to be a great opportunity for Skill workers who are looking for Australian Migration. The demand for General Skilled Migration (GSM) is growing and expected to have greater requirements in near future.

The Australian Government has spotted top 10 professions which has critical shortages:

  • Construction managers
  • Civil engineering professionals
  • Early childhood teachers
  • Registered nurses
  • ICT (information and communications technology) business and systems analysts
  • Software and applications programmers
  • Electricians
  • Chefs
  • Child carers
  • Age and disability carers

Australian Government has realized the necessity of having Skill migrants to be inducted in the labour market, thereby facilitating General Skilled Migration to ease the general requirements.

Experts have the opinion that Australia’s “needlessly complex” skilled migration system needs to simplify. Deloitte partner Fiona Webb said “The highest order priority is to clearly signal to the world that Australia is open for business. Our pandemic-era border policies created a lingering level of uncertainty among potential skilled migrants.”
”They want to know they will be able to get in and out of the country without complication and have greater certainty about longer term options to remain in Australia – that is, pathways to permanent residency.” – She added.

Australia have been keen on increasing the skill migration intake for a while. Read the article on the insights given by Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor on Skilled migration policy.

Recently Australian Bureau of Statistics published the list of industries which need workers in larger quantity:

  • Property and business services with 37,900 vacancies
  • Retail trade with 21,200 vacancies
  • Manufacturing with 13,100 vacancies
  • Health & Community services with 10,600 vacancies
  • Finance & Insurance with 6,300 vacancies
  • Accommodation, cafes & restaurants with 6000 vacancies
  • Government administration & Defence with 5400 vacancies
  • Wholesale trade with 5100 vacancies
  • Construction with 5000 vacancies
  • Education with 4700 vacancies

The opportunity to live & work as a skilled worker in Australia is up for grabs with the current influx of off-shore applicants for General Skilled Migration (GSM).
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