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Australia planning to increase Migration intake, Especially Skilled Workers!

Australia, one of the major countries with broad employment opportunities, is seeking skilled workers to fill the employment slots available. The government plans to increase the migration intake between 180,000 to 200,000 a year, which expects to bring in more skilled migrants including trade workers, IT specialists, engineers, and aged care workers.
Thousands of skilled migrants are expected to arrive in Australia from next year as the Albanese government moves to fill labour shortages by recognising trades and qualifications from more countries. 

In the recent circumstances, Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor said the country also needed to better recognise the existing skills & qualifications of migrants who come to Australia, which might include “bridging training” instead of compelling them to study for long.
The government is considering to increase the annual migration cap from its current rate of 160,000. This would bring the skilled intake – normally about 70% of the total cap – to between 126,000 and 140,000. This would increase the opportunities of overseas skilled workers. The government is expected to have a new migration cap in its October budget.

“Everywhere we look, there are shortages: the traditional trades, advanced manufacturing, retail, tourism, the tech industry, aged care, doctors, nurses,” O’Connor said. He added, the solution was not a “binary choice” between skilled migration and training the local workforce because both were needed.
O’Connor also highlighted more support for energy and climate jobs, getting women into male-dominated industries and vice versa, and reversing the decline in apprenticeship completion rates.
A significant part of addressing the labour shortages will be a plan to better recognise prior skills and qualifications from other countries so that migrants aren’t needlessly having to train and study for years in Australia. He said this could include “bridging training” for migrants so that they can begin work in their field of expertise.

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This is excellent news for people from countries like India, where skilled workers are looking for migration. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect match for both employers and skilled workers.
This is also highlighted in the context of Free Trade deal between Australia and India, back in April 2022. Architects, engineers and accountants will be recognised in each other’s countries as part of Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement. The countries had agreed on mutual recognition of qualifications, licensing and registration procedures between professional services bodies.
Australia had also agreed in April 2022, to grant visas to 1000 young Indians every year who want a working holiday in the country.

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