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How FBP International Can Help Indian Expats Migrate to Australia from the UAE

Australia has quickly become one of the best developed countries to migrate. There are many reasons behind this. However, the key advantage is that it’s an easy and transparent migration processes. Unlike other developed countries where it can sometimes even take a decade or so to get immigration granted; Australia has made it easy for anyone who qualifies to emigrate with efficiently shorter time spans.

India’s share in the global population is around 17.5%. This means that some of the best talent is produced in the country and India seconds only China when it comes to emigrants. Before Australia became the aspiring Indian emigrant’s country of choice, the dream destinations were limited to North America, Europe and the Scandinavian countries.

However, Australian immigration prospects gained rightful limelight when all other migration hubs, such as developed countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia etc started tightening the noose on their immigration policies to limit the migrant influx in their societies for several reasons. Australia, on the other hand, made the immigration policy inclusive, robust, easier to follow and transparent while shortening the tenaciously long immigration related waiting period and cultural biases. Australia is called the land of plentiful and the continent is ready to accept qualified, loyal and strong character individuals as its permanent residents with an optional pathway to Australian citizenship down the line.

During 2017-108, approximately 20% of the total Australian permanent residency visas issued were granted to Indian nationals. The immigration consultants and experts believe that the shortage of skilled manpower in Australia might increase the percentage beyond expectations in the years to come.

UAE hosts a lot of skilled and talented Indian expats. However, there are Indians here who are keen to migrate to Australia from the UAE for a more secure and premium lifestyle. Unlike North Americas and Europe, it is easier for skilled and talented Indians to migrate to Australia and call it home. Australia has made it very simple and easy for eligible individuals and families to migrate and settle down. As a result, the continent is now considered a harmonized multi-cultural region that promotes values based on mutual respect and peace. There is a huge Indian community settled in Australia and you’ll have no issues when settling down in the country.

For Indian expats in the UAE, Australia is a brilliant place to migrate. Since the continent takes pride in being multi-cultured, the emigrants from any country feel at home once they land in Australia. This also stands true for those who migrate to Australia from UAE.

There are several ways through which Indian nationals can migrate to Australia from the UAE. The younger generation usually chooses the temporary and recognized graduate visa pathways while the educated skilled professionals opt for the Australia General Skilled Migration (GSM) route. Also, there is a third category of Australian business and investor visa pathways. These are the three basic migration routes that the Indian nationals can take in order to migrate from UAE to Australia. The other visa types for migration from UAE to Australia include child visa, parent visas, spouse / partner visas etc.

So how can FBP help Indians migrate to Australia from UAE?

FBP International is the exclusive partner of BMS Australia – one of the finest Australian immigration firms located within the continent. BMS is an exclusive member of the Member of Migration Alliance (MMA) – Australia. The team at BMS constitutes of immigration specialists and legal practitioners who are members of their respective Australian bars and law societies.

FBP offers following managed and turnkey Australian immigration services:

  • Australia Skilled Migration
  • Australia Business / Investor Settlement
  • Australian Partner / Parent Visa / Child Visa
  • Complete Documentation Services
  • Pre-Departure and Post Landing service management
  • Australian PR Card Services
  • Visa Refusal Appeal Cases

FBP’s exclusive association with Best Migration Services (BMS) Australia enables it to provide complete set of migration relevant consultancy and document clearing services at one place. At FBP, we believe in providing complete transparency of the services delivered and you’ll be able to track your application in real time.

Step 1 – Find out if you qualify

Pre-assessment with our consultants to access your credentials and find out if you qualify for migration

Step 2 – Submit all your documents

Complete the document checklist and provide all paperwork required

Step 3 – Lodge your application

Get your qualifications assessed and lodge your visa application

Step 4 – Visa Grant

Get the Visa, make your move and start your new life in Australia

Basically, FBP will hand hold you throughout the process of your migration to Australia. FBP, in association with BMS, also provides post landing services such as helping you find a relevant job, real estate matters and banking guidance etc. The basic philosophy of FBP international is to champion your right to a safe and secure future in Australia. You can click here to get in touch with FBP and start your Australian migration process today!