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Why Post-Landing Services in Australia is Vital

Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. Immigration is just 30% of the entire transition process. Even when the hard yard of Migration is done, settling down in a new country is a hectic task itself. At FBP International, We take care of your whole process through our comprehensive settlement and post-landing services in Australia. With our hands all around the continent, we are entrusted to be the best Australian immigration lawyers and experts. 

With over 2000 success stories and happy families, FBP International continue to stretch their hands to help the clients not only to migrate, but also to settle in Australia.

Post landing services are one of the most underrated but essential facets of a migration process. Most people don’t realise the importance of having a proper post landing service, until they reach and find difficulties. With immense experience in Immigration and local network in Australia, FBP International are able to provide the clients with a hassle-free settlement. To know the right point of contact in a new country is challenging. Yet, we facilitate the fulfillment of your needs swiftly and easily.

What are the process and assistance we provide prior to your Migration:

  • Assess the Client’s profile and explain the migration process and immigration laws.
  • Advise Client on immigration laws in force and any subsequent changes thereof and advising on any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria.
  • Preparation of Resume as per international standard compliance, if required.
  • Provide Professional Guidance on his / her intended occupation in the destination country.
  • Provide basic information about the destination country.
  • Providing professional guidance related to their intended occupation in Australia
  • Preparation of Resume as per international standard compliance, if required.

Post landing services that you can take advantage as add-on:

  • With strong ties with Commonwealth Bank Australia, FBP International is the only migration expert who can facilitate the client to open a Bank account before reaching Australia. 
  • Stay arrangements- against charges to be paid by the client.
  • Stepwise showcasing the path for the job search.
  • Guidance for arranging school admission for school-going children, if applicable
  • Providing the required assistance and guidance for the job search and placement for the initial job.
  • Counselling on any other issue related to settlement in the area of residence in Australia
  • Help with renting / buying of property | house/land
  • Assistance in arranging immediate social needs like applying for Tax File Number (TFN), the opening of bank account, registering at center link, applying for Medicare, guidance for obtaining a driving license etc
  • Anything and every necessary information about Australia.

FBP International has helped more than two thousand clients to happily settle in Australia, the country of limitless opportunities. We would help you realize your aspirations through our extensive experience and professionally managed and integrated pre-flight to post-landing services from the start until you completely settle in. We make sure your Migration is a smooth process, and you can blend with the country you have migrated to. We take great pride in helping you settle in and have a successful career and life ahead. Start your Migration process with the Best Australian Immigration Lawyers and Experts

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