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Our Journey & Achievements

Our Journey

FBP International is Australian-owned and operated with an unparalleled network of local links and connections throughout the country.

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Gulf Times

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Gulf Today

June 2022

FBP in Chamber of Commerce News in UAE & the world

May 2022

FBP in Gulf Today

Mar 2021

Launched Sales Agent program

Aug 2020

Continued to operate & generate revenue during the lockdown

Jan 2015

Started operation in Dubai, UAE

Mar 2014

Established FBP International on 21st of March 2014

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Khaleej Times

April 2023

FBP Intl featured in Saudi Today

Sept 2022

FBP Intl Abu Dhabi Office Opened

May 2022

FBP Welcomes New Managing Partner

Mar 2022

FBP in Khaleej Times

Dec 2020

Achieved gross revenue of around US$5.6M / US$6M within 6 years

Oct 2016

Invitation from Honorable Prime Minister from Bhutan

Nov 2014

Invitation from Honorable Prime Minister of India
Janine Elizabeth, our Senior Australian Immigration Lawyer in FBP International with Bomi our HO Team Member conducting 4-day seminars in Bhutan organised by the Royal Government of Bhutan – Seminar was given to more than 1000 people in 4days
FBP International

Our Journey and Achievements

Since our inception in 2014, we have successfully facilitated positive outcomes for 2000+ applications and have rapidly ascended to becoming leaders in the field of Australian Immigration and settlement. We have successfully onboarded multiple sales agents from diverse locations across the globe and have also significantly expanded our global reach by increasing our presence in different locations around the world.

Having traversed a long way since its inception FBP International celebrates it excellence in Australian Immigration with few of the achievements with its esteemed clients.

FBP International have achieved great success with the Professional Expertise and commitment to the Immigration industry. We believe the Connections and Professional relationships build over the world business spectrum, is more valuable than anything we have achieved. FBP had the opportunity to work closely with many business giants and Government bodies. Here are the glimpses of our achievements and recognition.

FBP International is trending in the news again!
The success story of FBP International continues to spread across the globe! 
Brand new articles on the success Journey of FBP International are published in Gulf Today, Saudi Today, Dubai Today and Gulf Time in April 2023. In association with FBP International, Post Landing Document Clearing Services (PLSDCS) is marching ahead to be the top migration experts in GCC & MENA region.
FBP International has stepped into its 10th year of successful assistance and facilitation of Australian migration. 
Gulf Today      : https://fbpintl.com/gulftoday
Gulf time         : https://fbpintl.com/Gulftime
Khaleej Times: https://fbpintl.com/Khaleej
FBP International celebrates 9th Anniversary
With great pride and happiness, FBP International celebrate our 9th Year Anniversary! It has been an incredible journey thus far,
and We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have supported us along the way.

From the beginning, our goal has always been to provide exceptional migration services to individuals and families looking to start
a new life in Australia. We have worked hard to build a team of knowledgeable and experienced migration experts who are passionate about helping our clients navigate the complex immigration process.
FBP International through its partner PLSDCS opens office in Abu Dhabi

FBP International i delighted to announce the opening of our next office in Abu Dhabi!
Having received numerous enquiries from Abu dhabi over the years, we have decided to ease your Australian migration from Abu dhabi without a hassle. We always prioritise fulfilling your requests, and we are committed to providing solutions regarding your Australian enquiries.

FBP International opens new Master Franchise in GCC & MENA

With immense pleasure and excitement, we welcome our new franchise partner, functioning to market, operate and run our FBP International – GCC & MENA Master Franchise as Post Landing Document Clearing Services (PLSDCS). We sincerely thank all our family, and friends, for your support, prayers and confidence in us. We look forward to this successful partnership and collaboration and the continued growth of FBP International.

FBP International featured in Chamber of Commerce News in UAE and the World

Chamber of Commerce News in UAE and the World Spotlighted FBP International and its services in their June 2022 edition. Being featured previously in Khaleej Times, Gulf Today & other prestigious publications, the services provided by FBP International – The Only Australian Immigration Lawyers in GCC & MENA region is widely recognised and trusted by thousands of clients. FBP has become the ‘Go-to’ Australian Immigration Experts for people in India, GCC, MENA region and all over the world. 

News article on FBP International published in Gulf Today on 18th May 2022

Gulf Today – One among the leading news in the middle east, published an Article on FBP International on 18th May 2022. It underlines FBP’s vital role in Australian immigration over the past 8 years, which has laid a strong relationship between Australia and UAE.
Click here to read the article

Khaleej Times featuring FBP International for its Australian Expertise

Khaleej Times – One of the front-running news in GCC has published a grand article of FBP on 24th March 2022. The article covers the story of FBP from its inception, to the growth and establishment. Please click here download to read the editorial. 

With Dr S Saadalla and his Delegates – Giving a private Seminar on Australia & Australian Immigration with our Head Office Team Janine Elizabeth, our Senior Australian Immigration Lawyer, and Team
Given below are the few letters of appreciation from the government and private bodies which help us stand out from the ruck and makes us a top-rated Australian Immigration company.
Letter of Support from Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP, Minister of Investment and Trade, Government of South Australia
Letter of Mandate and Achievement from Reliance Solar, a division of the Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL). RIL is one of the largest multinational Conglomerate with total assets of US$190B
Letter of Mandate and Achievement from Kotak Solar, a division of the Kotak Group of Companies given by Sunil Kotak, CEO & Executive Director.

Letter of Appreciation from Kotak Group of Companies given by Sunil Kotak, CEO & Executive Director.