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VETASSESS Notifies Processing Delays Due to Hike in Applications

VETASSESS is a key skills assessment and vetting authority in Australia. This body assesses and vets the professional and vocational qualifications of the aspiring migrants. A recent notification from the VETASSESS team to all registered MARA agents and lawyers indicate that they are experiencing processing delays due to a recent hike in applications for skills assessments.

Following is the quoted text from VETASSESS’s notification to registered MARA agents and lawyers.

“Hi Agents,
Thank you for your skills assessment applications. We are currently experiencing processing delays due to a significant increase in the amount of applications that we usually receive. We appreciate your patience with us, as we work to return the application process to the normal time-frames. We aim to have your clients applications allocated to assessors within the next 10 business days. Following this, our intention is to have the applications completed within three weeks of allocation. Appeal cases may take longer than this as they rely on the advice from external and independent bodies. We may contact you if we need further documentation/information to complete your clients application. Thank you for your continued support, your clients will receive assessment outcomes from us shortly.
On behalf of the Vetassess Team”

Please note that due to the delay by the VETASSESS team, it might take some of our clients longer than usual to have their applications decided. We are keeping a keen eye on the situation and will update our clients of further developments in this regard.