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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Australia for Migration

Famously called the ‘Land of Opportunities’, Australia is one of the most sought-after countries for people looking to migrate, and for good reason. This does not simply entail its beautiful nature and unique wildlife, although that may be an important factor for many. Being a very well-developed country, Australia has a strong economy, a stable political system, a metropolitan lifestyle, and a high standard of living, to name a few things that make it an attractive country for migrants.

This blog will discuss valuable reasons for individuals to choose to migrate to Australia.

Top 10 reasons to choose to migrate to Australia

There are several reasons that migrants have chosen Australia. Listed below are only a few of the main reasons:

1. High Wage Act & Good Work Opportunities

With a national minimum wage of AUS$ 21.38 per hour ($14.97), Australia has the second highest minimum wage in the world, just after Luxembourg. In addition, there are ample opportunities for skilled workers in the country. In recent years, Australia has nominated and invited workers to contribute to the economy and the nation’s strength. FBP provides permanent residency visas to skilled workers with in-house legal practitioners and the best Australian migration and settlement experts.

2. Quality Healthcare

Citizens and permanent residents can access Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system. Australia’s healthcare system is renowned for being one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The public healthcare system is reliable and easily accessible for all Australian permanent residents and citizens, significantly benefiting individuals and families migrating to the country.

3. Free & Subsidised Education

Australia is home to some of the world’s top-ranking universities and educational institutions, and what makes this even better is that the educational system provides subsidised or free primary, secondary, and tertiary education to students. With a reputation for good quality teaching methodologies and an emphasis on social, cultural, and sports-related learning, the Australian education system is not simply focused on grades and marks. Diverse academic programs and a vibrant learning environment make Australia an intriguing country for parents looking for quality education for their children.

4. Strong Economy

The Australian economy is extremely stable, which makes the Australian dollar one of the safest and surest currencies in the world. Australian citizens and permanent residents have the assurance of getting paid a minimum wage that is the second highest in the world. Individuals with jobs can access more than the basic amenities, and migrants can safely send money to their home countries.

5. Low Crime Rate

Australia also constantly ranks low in crime rates globally, thus providing an extremely safe and secure environment for individuals to live and thrive in. The low crime rate also contributes to Australia’s strong economy. Businesses can operate freely without constant fear of theft or fraud, and families can create a stable life for themselves.

6. Work-Life Balance

Having a good work-life balance is of utmost priority in Australia. Individuals make sure to keep aside time for family, friends, leisure, and recreational activities to grow. All this contributes to the overall development of the Australian community and directly impacts work performance. Overall, the Australian community and culture are carefree and promote a healthy work-life balance, attracting various individuals from across the globe.

7. Multicultural Society

Ever since European settlement began in Australia in the 1600s and 1700s, the island country continent has only grown in diversity, culture, and heritage. People from across the globe have migrated to and settled in Australia, making it a diverse and multicultural society. Australia welcomes various cultures, languages and people from different walks of life. People settling into their new life in Australia will not be ostracised based on their background but rather accepted into the Australian community.

8. World’s Most Livable Cities

According to the EIU, Melbourne and Sydney are the world’s most livable cities. Not just this, but Australia’s cities consistently rank high in terms of the livability and quality of life of their cities. From environmental sustainability to infrastructure and technology, Australian cities have much to offer for those who wish to seize the opportunity.

9. Pathway to Citizenship

All Australian permanent residents can become eligible to receive citizenship if they meet specific requirements. This gives migrants and their families a promising future to look forward to. Children whose parents are permanent residents of Australia can also secure citizenship in Australia.

10. Friendly Community
Australians are a friendly bunch of people and have a strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. Australians are known for their hospitality and will always be seen greeting and inviting people. They will never hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone.


Australia stands tall as one of the most desired countries for migrants and has lots to offer to individuals and families looking for a good quality of life and a stable future. FBP International provides permanent residency visas to individuals and end-to-end assistance with migration and settlement to Australia. From documentation assistance to visa lodgement to post-landing services, FBP International is the one-stop solution for those planning to migrate to Australia.

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