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Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) to be scrapped by newly formed Australian Government

Australia has marked a new political era after appointing a new leader. Mr. Anthony Albanese prevailed in the 2022 election, beating serving prime minister Scott Morrison. The newly formed Labor Government led by Mr. Anthony Albanese has put forward various thought processes and reforms to improve Australia in different aspects.

The leader of the Labor Party had promised to hold a full employment summit if elected to find ways to get wages moving, prior to the election.

This will include a rise in the minimum wage of 5.5 per cent to keep up with inflation levels — if this is supported by the Fair Work Commission.

He had also pledged to get more women into work by making the childcare subsidy universal.
Under the plan, the maximum childcare subsidy will rise from 85 percent to 90 percent, and the annual payment cap will be removed. Mr. Albanese claims the policy will make childcare cheaper for 96 percent of families.

“Together, we can make forward equal opportunity for women a national economic and social priority,” he said after his win.

Labor’s stance on border protection and temporary protection visas has been a subject of confusion during the election campaign. The party has not released any hard and fast policies on migration. However, it has signaled the system needs an overhaul.

Nevertheless, Mr. Albanese has indicated that he supports offshore processing, third-country resettlement of asylum seekers and boat turnbacks where it’s safe to do so, but he doesn’t support Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs).

TPVs are issued to asylum seekers who arrive in Australia without a visa and are subsequently found to be owed protection. They can last for up to three years, and the holders of these visas are allowed to work and have access to Medicare.

The prime minister said Labor may consider granting foreign workers permanent residency if it forms government, given they are already living in the community and paying taxes.      
“If you have people who are coming here temporarily, year after year, spending month after month here, why don’t we give them a bit of certainty and actually allow people to stay who are making a contribution to the country?” Mr. Albanese told the National Farmers Federation conference in April.
Mr. Albanese also promised in his victory speech to “fix the crisis in aged care”, after pledging to increase the number of nurses in aged care homes in his budget reply speech earlier this year.

Labor wants these positions filled by locals but says in the short term Australia must recruit more overseas doctors and nurses as a “stopgap” measure.

These reforms would generally have a positive impact for the immigrants. Also providing with more opportunities and benefits. The scrapping of temporary protection visas emphasis on the necessity of migrating to Australia through proper streamlined immigration process. FBP International with its in-house Immigration lawyers and the experience in Australian immigration over the years, provides the best option for facilitating migration to Australia. Reach out to our experts for a hassle-free migration and start your immigration process.

Source: SBS News

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