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September 2022 : Abu Dhabi Office Started Operations

As part of its UAE operations, FBP International established a branch in Abu Dhabi to enhance its services for regional clients. Responding to a significant influx of inquiries from Abu Dhabi, FBP aimed to streamline the Australian migration process for residents in the area. With a strong commitment to prioritising client needs, FBP remains dedicated to offering tailored solutions and seamless assistance for Australian-related inquiries.
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August 2020 : Continued to Operate and Generate Revenue During Lock Down

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, while much of the world came to a standstill, FBP International persevered, sustaining operations and generating revenue even during lockdown periods. They maintained efficiency and success thanks to their dedicated team, streamlined processes, and robust ICT infrastructure. FBP International stands out as one of the few firms that navigated the challenges of the pandemic without disruption, operating seamlessly despite the restrictions imposed.
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