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Latest updates on Australian borders, vaccine, and migration

With the roll-out of vaccine programs in many countries, hopes are rising for travelers desperate to visit Australia and those wishing to visit families or emigrate. Since March 2020, very few people are allowed to enter the country by applying for exemption entry permits with the Australian borders closed.

During the press conference held at the beginning of 2021, the Australian Prime Minister and the Health Secretary stressed further evidence on vaccine efficiency is needed before Australia lifts travel restrictions. Still, there is hope the borders might reopen sooner.

Australia is seeing a positive trend in new infection rates dropping tremendously. No locally acquired cases trend continue, and there are only a few people with Covid-19 infection in hospitals and none in intensive care units. There hasn’t been a death in Australia from COVID for some months.

Australian deputy prime minister Michael McCormack says the government is preparing to restart international travel.
“We are also making sure that the planes are going to be ready. You cannot just roll a plane out of a hangar and stick it back on an international route.

We are working with Singapore at the moment, potentially for a bubble in July, and these are positive signs. And as the vaccine rolls out in not only Australia but in other countries as well, we will reopen more bubbles,” McCormack said.

There have been four key parts to the nation’s coronavirus strategy; restrictions on international travel, strict lockdowns, sophisticated contact tracing, and mass testing.

A nationwide vaccination program began last month. So this urges a hope that the borders will open soon and Migrants with PR can travel, and the ones who wish to start their application should not wait any longer!