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Give your Career a Desired Boost -Migrate to Australia as Skilled Worker!

Migrate to Australia

When exploring career prospects in foreign countries, Australia is one country that you can’t miss out on. Excellent working environment, great job opportunities and lucrative work benefits make this country an attractive option for professionals and skilled workers. If you’re one of those who have been longing for a fulfilling career in Australia or wish to have Australia permanent residency, then this blog will guide you to make the right move.

The country issues many visas under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). These visas are available for individuals who are qualified to work in respective fields like healthcare, IT, engineering, banking etc and meet the other requisites for employment.

Multitudes of benefits are offered to individuals to pursue their careers as architects, civil engineers, internal auditors, accountants etc. This is because while Australia has no shortage of jobs, scarcity of workforce is an issue here. The government too is actively involved in resolving the issue by creating and adding better job opportunities in the skilled immigrant job lists.

Figure out in which category your current occupation falls and accordingly plan your course of action. There’s always been a demand for skilled graduates in Australia. So, people having prowess on different language skills or valuable industry-specific experience can gain from their expertise and apply for full-time employment in Australia.

Although this stunning and stable country has a lot to offer, the daunting procedures and formalities often deter many. Thankfully, there are some reliable Australian immigration consultants and agencies like FBP International that act as a guiding light, helping  aspiring professionals to find the right job and settle in Australia.

Exploring skilled migration pathways

Subclass 189 or the Skilled Independent Visa: It is a Permanent Residency visa that allows you to settle in Australia without a job offer or state sponsorship. However, you need to meet the basic requirements for the visa that include a positive skill assessment report and proficiency in the English language. Due to the minimal eligibility criteria, this visa is highly popular amongst the foreign-enthusiasts.

Subclass 190 or the Skilled Nominated Visa: This also comes under the category of Permanent Residency Visa that lets you work and settle in Australia indefinitely. However, the only twist here is that the applicant must have a state nomination to apply for the visa.

Besides, there is also Regional Skilled Provisional Visa coming under subclass 489 that allows a 4-year temporary visa. You can work and live in regional areas of South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria as well as non-metropolitan areas of New South Wales and Western Australia.

If you wish to move to Australia for a temporary job arrangement, then the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) is the best for you. However, you need to live and work in the country for four years. Also, to apply for the visa, you need sponsorship from an approved employer in Australia.

Key steps for Visa application:

Step 1: Check if your current occupation is on the skilled occupation list.

Step 2: Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements like age, medical fitness, language skills etc

Step 3: Complete skill assessment

Step 4: Submit Expression of Interest (EOI) 

Step 5: Apply for the Visa

Skill Assessment for Migration: Obtaining a suitable Skill assessment is an essential requirement for skilled occupation visa subclasses (and streams) like GSM Visas, Employer-sponsored visas and Temporary skill shortage visas. It’s a part of the Skill-Select program that involves two steps—submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) and actual visa application. The Expression of Interest confirms that you’re willing to apply for an Australian skilled migration visa. It’s a pre-visa information application to the Australian Government and Australian Authorities. 

If you’re keen to explore your career prospects in Australian land, then FBP International can make your journey easy. Connect with our influential team of Australian immigration consultants in Dubai and give wings to your dream.

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