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    Become our Sales Agent

    Be Your Own Boss - become our Sales Agent and Earn from Home.

    FBP International expands its business and client base by collaborating with Sales Agents through its exclusive brand called Immigration Business Alliance.

    IBA is committed to building careers, relationships, and partnerships by leveraging FBP International’s knowledge, expertise, and brand identity to benefit individuals and businesses in Immigration Services, especially Australia.

    As a Sales Agent, the scope of opportunity in Immigration is immense.  FBP International and IBA co-exist to create a work environment that ensures your success.

    • Immediate cash flow from the first client
    • Quick start with a powerful brand identity
    • Proven business model
    • Well-Structured Processes and Systems
    • Available to suitable individuals and businesses
    • 99% Visa Grant Success Rate
    • 50+ Years of Cumulative Experience
    • Powerful Brand Identity
    • Complete ‘Plug-N-Play’ Digital Business Model
    • Exclusively In-House Australian Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents
    • Cutting Edge Service for Visa, Residency, and Citizenship Matters
    • Individual Micro- Website with personalized PG Facility
    • Training Materials for Overseas Migration & Education Process
    • Ongoing Support & Constant Updates
    • Certificate of Accreditation
    • Australian Services
    • Migration Services
    • Marketing & Advertisements Facilitation