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Why should you partner with us?

FBP International has professional migration consultants and/or immigration lawyers who understand Australian visa legislation’s complexities and save you hours by setting the best visa option for you at reasonable rates.

A minor error by you or your unregistered agent, which could cost you re-opening your visa application, blocking more family applications, deportation, revocation. Your current visa could be a ban on your passport even though you are a PR Visa holder and are in Australia.

We will also not recommend or suggest that you apply your application to an unregistered agent or agents who do not have an Australian Registered Migration Agent (RMA) or an Australian Lawyer onboard your company in your area and/or country because they are cheaper than RMA.

To make an application and consult a client through an unregistered agent or an unregistered company is legally against Australian authorities and is illegal.

FBP International has over 1800 + satisfied customers for Australian Migration Settlement Services who have been sponsored by us. Every day, FBP International experiences a significant number of Positive Skills Outcome EOI, ITA, and/or Visa Grant Letters for our customers. Seeing the satisfaction and happiness on our customers’ faces enhances our vision to reach more people, families, and/or business owners travel, build a better life for them in Australia, and a premium lifestyle for them.

Our mission

To be one of the most top providers of immigration to Australia.

Documentation solution provider, helping People, prospering companies, to Move and settle investors with their family Around Australia’,

Support from FBP

FBP International has an ocean of expertise in Australian Visa Immigration Services, Documents and File Preparation Services, Application Lodge Preparation Services, Offering Australian Certification and Transcripts by Qualifications Australia to their clients, offering full handheld Settlement Service Packages by Post Landing Services such as Accommodation in Australia, Job assistance, business setup, investment help in Australia, finance and insurance packages.

To know more, book your free video consultation with our experts https://fbpintl.com/become-our-sales-agent/