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Canberra Open For Engineers & Healthcare Professionals as ACT Releases Updated Occupation List

There is some good news for the engineers and healthcare professionals looking to migrate and settle down in Australia. The Australia Capital Territory – Canberra – has recently released an updated version of the occupation list designated for skilled migration. According to the sources of Best Migration Services (BMS) Australia, Canberra – the Capital of Australia – is now open for certain professions (mainly engineers and healthcare professionals) and the migration aspirants now have the liberty to also apply under the General Skilled Migration Subclass 491 visa regime. This means that the 491 provisional visas leading to PR is now open for selected professions and since November last year, this has been the preferred subclass among migration aspirants due to quicker turnaround time from the Australian authorities.

The senior Australian migration consultants at FBP International have termed this development a huge positive for the capital territory as well as the migration aspirants. They believe that this development will open corridors of opportunities and a secure life for those migrants who wanted to migrate but their preferred destination – Canberra – wasn’t open.

The following text is part of the Australian Capital Territory List shared by the ACT authorities on Jan 1st, 2020.

“The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) offers Territory nomination under the following skilled migration streams:

  • Skilled Regional (provisional) subclass 491 visa
  • Skilled Nominated (Permanent) subclass 190 visa

The ACT Occupation List identifies the skills that are currently in demand in Canberra (for skilled migration purposes). The ACT Occupation List is not linked to specific job vacancies and it is not a guarantee of a job in a nominated occupation. You must be satisfied that there are enough employment opportunities in your nominated occupation before you apply for ACT nomination. You will compete for employment vacancies with all people in the labour market as part of a normal selection process. Your success will depend on employer requirements, your relevant skills, your experience and your level of English language ability.”

Please note that occupations with caveat injunction are only to be termed open if the following requirements are met:

“Minimum one-year ACT employment contract in nominated occupation:

with an Australian medium to large enterprise (50 plus employees) located in the ACT;


an academic appointment (Level B to E) at an ACT tertiary institution.”

The complete renewed version of the Occupations lists is available on the official website of Canberra authorities. Please click here to download and read more about it.

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Source: BMS Australia