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Benefits of Becoming a Channel Partner of FBP International

FBP International DWC International is a leading Australian Immigration and settlement business consultancy firm that has more than 30 years of cumulative experience. The organization is managed by a team of seasoned Australian immigration consultancy professionals who have the credit of settling down more than 1800 individuals and families in Australia to pursue a secure future perked with a premium lifestyle. FBP International DWC has myriad of exclusive channel partners located in the middle east and the pacific Asia and we are not stopping. We want to recruit more exclusive channel partners to champion our cause of delivering an unmatched lifestyle with a secure future in Australia to every eligible individual who wishes for it.

FBP International DWC started off as an Australian immigration consultancy firm providing turnkey services to clients. With time, we evolved into a major consultancy business organization that now guides and navigates consultancy businesses to success via our comprehensive channel partnership program. The senior Australian management of FBP International advises other Australian immigration consultancy businesses, law firms and lawyers regarding setting up the business, client acquisition, lodging applications, and handling complex cases via customized application lodgements etc. Also, our team of immigration business advisors, under our channel partnership program, provide outreach strategies, financial planning, budgeting, marketing, IT infrastructure, legal infrastructure and expansion of the business etc. The FBP International Channel Partners take advantage of years of knowledge, experience bundled with cutting edge marketing techniques to succeed.

The FBP International Channel Partnership Program is a comprehensive business model that is scalable and robust. Here are some of the benefits of our Channel Partner Program

Success Track Record & a Robust Business Model

FBP has enjoyed exceptional growth since its inception. This has been largely due to our global and intuitive business model. Our business model is customer-delight centric and uses cutting-edge IT, Legal & Marketing support. Our business objectives are achieved by updating our business practices as per the ever-changing business dynamics and requirements.

Integrated Marketing

We deploy a centrally integrated marketing strategy. Our marketing game plan is vertically and horizontally synchronized with various advertising and marketing mediums. We proactively run promotional campaigns on digital and conventional media, referral and affiliate channels, and direct marketing mediums. Our integrated marketing plan helps our business model to generate meaningful leads on a consistent basis for our partners and us.

Dedicated Professional Team

We have an in-house team comprising of trained professionals looking after our operations. We have dedicated marketing, channel partner, HR, legal, administration and operation departments that are headed by professionals with years of relevant experience. We also host an in-house dedicated department of expert migration professionals who act as dedicated case officers for our clients. We are an agile organization and our business goals are clear with all stake holders providing their maximum in-put for the progressive growth of our organization.

Powerful Brand Identity

Our company is globally recognised for our expertise, professionalism, high success rates, and credibility. This distinguishes us from other migration service providers. Our team has worked tirelessly over the years to establish our brand identity.

Extensive Knowledge and Services

Our extensive and constantly updated Migration Settlement knowledge and services enables us to provide a personalised approach when addressing customized client needs. We take pride in having successfully handled complicated immigration cases that other agents could not resolve.

Exclusive Business Strategies

FBP International provides exclusive business strategies that ensure that our channel partners can maintain a positive cash flow as soon as they go in business. Our auto lead generation systems combined with surgically targeted market segmentation allows our channel partners to perform lead acquisition as a swifter pace.

 Dealing with complex Visa Pathways to Australia

We are the only global company whose team has 30+ years of cumulative experience with Australian Immigration Consultation. FBP International provides complete end-to-end complex visa pathways services that includes drafting customized applications for various Australian Visa Pathways.

Access to various Legislations, Regulations, Policies and Forms

FBP International has exclusive access to experienced and trained MARA agents and Australian lawyers. This access to these resources ensures that our Australian Migration consultants and always fully updated with the past, ongoing and upcoming Australian migration related legislations and regulations. Apart from this, we also have complete access to various Visa Lodgement forms. Our Channel Partners can leverage these extensive knowledge resources for their client’s benefit.

rom all the above points, it clearly shows that FBP International has an ocean of knowledge in

From the benefits listed above, it is evident that FBP International is your only choice if you are looking to get associated with an organization that has a verifiable track record. Apart from this, none of our competitors offers knowledge as good as us on subjects like – but not limited to-

  • Australian Visa Migration Services
  • Documentation and File Preparation Services,
  • Application Lodgment Preparation Services,
  • Providing Australian Certification and Transcripts through Qualifications Australia to their clients
  • Providing complete hand-holding Settlement Service Packages through Post Landing Services

If you would like to succeed and make big in the Australian Migration and Settlement Business in your region and/or country, then click here to become our channel partner today.