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What You Need to Know About Australia’s New Student Visa Rules

Great news for Indian students studying in Australian tertiary institutions! Significant changes have been made to the Australia student visa rules, which means new opportunities and extended work options are now available.

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With these changes, Indian students in Australia can explore the enhanced pathways and benefits that are now available to them.

The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES):
This scheme allows Indian students studying in Australian tertiary institutions to apply for work in Australia for up to eight years without the need for visa sponsorship. It opens up 3,000 spots for Indian professionals in fields such as engineering, ICT, AI, and renewable energy. This scheme provides an exciting mobility pathway for Indian graduates and early-career professionals to live and work in Australia.

Overhauling Australia’s Immigration System:
This mobility program is a great opportunity for Indian graduates and early-career professionals who want to live and work in Australia. In April, Australia announced its plans to restructure its migration system to make it easier for highly qualified individuals to enter the country and become permanent residents. The government is working to streamline the visa application process for these professionals and implementing measures to retain international students, recognizing their contribution to the country. Temporary skilled visa holders will be able to seek permanent residency by the end of this year after previously being refused the chance. It is important to note that these changes will not increase Australia’s annual intake of permanent migrants.

Resumption of Work Restrictions for Student Visa Holders:
As of now, work restrictions for student visa holders have been reintroduced to strike a balance between education and financial stability. These restrictions are now limited to 48 hours per fortnight, allowing students to concentrate on their studies while still being able to support themselves financially. However, it’s worth noting that those working in the aged care sector are exempt from these restrictions. Student visa holders who were already employed in the aged care sector as of May 9, 2023, are allowed to continue working in that sector without any restrictions until December 31, 2023.

The Impact of Pandemic Flexibility:
During the pandemic, Australia had relaxed work restrictions for all student visa holders, and these restrictions were completely removed in January 2022. These changes allowed primary and secondary student visa holders to work more than the usual 40 hours per fortnight, which helped address workforce shortages in different sectors. As of January 2022, these restrictions were completely removed, granting even more flexibility to student visa holders.

Indian students seeking to enrol in Australian tertiary schools have exciting new opportunities thanks to recent revisions to Australia’s student visa regulations. Graduates and early-career professionals have a substantial opportunity to extend their stay in Australia and get useful job experience through the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES).

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Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Australia’s migration system and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. As your reliable partner, FBP International provides personalized advice and support to help you to migrate and settle in Australia.

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