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Australia – India Job Update

Australia and India have maintained a strong economic relationship over the past decade. Since 2006, over one million Indians have made the move to Australia in search of work opportunities. Over the same period, a total of 278,000 Indians have moved to Australia to establish themselves as professionals. Australia is currently home to over 1.7 million Indians and is predicted to see an influx of around 2.5 million Indians in 2023. The job market in both India and Australia is dominated by several industries that offer stable growth and great opportunities for those looking, especially in the IT, information technology and engineering industries. As Australia’s 5th largest trading partner with India, more than 70% of the investments made by Australian companies in India come through Indian workers. With the high-tech sector growing rapidly in both countries, there are many job opportunities available for talented computer professionals as well as skilled tradespeople.

The development of the India-Australia ties has been considered as one of the high points in the history of Australia-India relations. It was seen as a major step towards strengthening regional peace and stability. Both countries have exchanged their view on many issues in a very cordial manner, which has been reflected in stronger trade and investment ties between them. The two countries enjoy an estimated bilateral trade volume of $10 billion and are looking to ramp up the pace of their bilateral ties. Australia and India both share similar cultures, values and lifestyles, people from one country can often find it easier to settle into the other’s culture than live in their own country.

The next generation of workforce is beginning to emerge. With the Internet and major global corporations investing heavily into developing skilled talent in India and Australia, we should expect this trend to continue. The continuing rise in business opportunities, particularly for those with digital skills, will drive the growth of CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives that support the development of these new workforce markets.

India and Australia are both members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC), and regularly hold high-level talks on issues such as global trade, climate change, terrorism, and security issues. Australia’s burgeoning high-tech industry is pushing up demand for workers in the skills sector, with demand for software engineers, R&D specialists and data analysts estimated to reach $38 billion in 2023. The education sector is also growing, with a high demand for English language teachers in India, along with a rise in demand for education consultants. India is continuing to attract many Australians looking for employment opportunities. The Indian media and entertainment industry is gaining in popularity as an area for Australian actors, musicians, writers and artists looking to write ‘Indian’ projects in other countries.

The relationship between the two countries has grown stronger since they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Australia-India relations in 2006. Australia has welcomed Indian companies to their shores and imported skilled personnel on high salaries and decent benefits.

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