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Australia boosts Skilled Migration Cap: Thousands more nurses & engineers needed!

As a result of a severe labor shortage in a number of industries, Australian skilled migration is on the rise. The Australian Department of Home Affairs has announced the intention to increase the skilled immigration cap for 2022–2023 from 160,000 to 195,000 slots.

Early in the pandemic, Australia implemented some of the tightest travel restrictions of any democratic nation for a period of 20 months before gradually reopening to skilled workers starting in December of last year.

On Thursday, the opening day of the Jobs and Skills Summit, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that 180,000 free spots would be offered in vocational education institutions next year at a cost of 1.1 billion Australian dollars, in an effort to address the country’s skills shortfall.

Clare O’Neil, minister of home affairs, has emphasized prospects for a range of professional employees, particularly nurses and engineers. According to estimates, this might result in thousands more nurses and engineers immigrating to the country this year, Mr. Clare O’Neil tweeted.

Additionally, the Australian government has promised to contribute an additional $36.1 million for visa processing in order to fund an increase in staffing of 500 during the ensuing nine months.

“COVID has given us an opportunity for immigration reform that we will never get back,” O’Neil said.

Figure 1: Source from Twitter

Considering Australia’s economic recovery, this is the best time in years to relocate to Australia and improve your job prospects. The skills shortage in several Australian occupations is widespread at the moment.

The government intends to fill this void by training local Australians and recruiting immigrants. According to projections, this could result in thousands more nurses settling in the country this year and thousands more engineers. In total, 34,000 regional jobs will be created this year, 9000 more than previously announced.

Since March 2020, the Skilled Migration Program, which lists jobs in Australia for foreigners, has been largely suspended. Currently, Australia is relaunching the program to fill numerous vacancies. By 2023, the annual migration intake is expected to reach at least 180,000 and possibly 200,000.

There has always been a draw for non-Australian residents looking for work there. Much of this is due to the lifestyle, the salary, and, of course, the beautiful weather. Australia has always had a transparent and fair immigration policy. It welcomes foreign and migrant workers, so if you are planning a move to Australia and meet the criteria, you will be more than welcome. Although the country has many UK migrant workers, it’s important to remember that the job shortage list includes foreigners worldwide. Before we go any further, here are some occupations and industries with the highest demand for migrant workers.

Numerous factors contribute to Australia’s suitability as a destination for any registered nurse or other medical staff looking to relocate and work. Because it is a growing industry and a large number of nurses and medical employees will be reaching retirement age soon, there is an increased demand for nurses, resulting in high occupational ceilings for roles in this sector.

Over the last five years, the healthcare industry has experienced the most significant growth, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. The most in-demand occupations in this industry are registered nurses, caregivers for the disabled and elderly, personal care workers, receptionists, and nursing support.

In the tech industry, there is a growing and critical need for software developers with diverse skill sets, including experience in user experience, mobile and back-end design, and front-end development.

A report from last year found that nine of the top 15 most advertised jobs were for UI/UX designers, software engineers, and developers. Although it does not rank as high on the list of industries and professions with the highest demand for migrant workers, there is still a high demand for skilled and qualified engineers of all types. Mechanical, industrial, electronics, transportation, and electrical engineers are included. Automobile mechanics are in high order across Australia. You will have an advantage if you specialize in a field such as automotive electrician, automatic transmission mechanic, automotive air-conditioning mechanic, or brake mechanic. 

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