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Why Covid-19 does not affect the Migration business to Australia

While the whole globe has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and international borders are closed, they won’t be forever. At this stage the Australian government has not given word on when their borders will re-open.  Although we are preparing for most of the remainder of 2020 to be in lockdown.

However, this means that at this time, getting ahead of the game in the migration process to Australia is the best bet.  Getting ahead early now will speed up the migration process when the borders open and starting a new life in Australia becomes a reality.

Australia is a dream migration destination and given the recent global events will become even more popular, as a secure and safe place for individuals and families.  Preparing now will means applications are in the queue, which is a forever growing line of aspiring migration individuals and families. This also means you a quicker processing time, once normal resumes in the awaited coming months.

The Australian visa legislation and application process is complex.  FBP International would not advise anyone to try and do this themselves.  An experienced migration consultants and/or immigration lawyer who understands the complexity of Australian visa legislation will save you many hours of time by determining the best visa option for individuals and families at affordable prices.

Australia is continuously hunting global talent that can help its inclusive and robust economy grow. The diverse multi-cultural society is welcomed by the Australian authorities that has been developed over the years. There is always a need for skilled manpower from abroad in Australia which can contribute positively to its economy and the growing vibrant multi culture of Australia.

The economy of Australia has always been strong and robust, and many states in Australia have released what they will be doing during these uncertain times of recovery through COVID-19.  For example, the support to the community in Western Australia will benefit from a housing stimulus package of $444 million.  This will deliver a major boost to the recovery in these sectors.

The Building Bonus package stimulus in Western Australia in the residential sector will support and stimulate the economy with around 2,600 jobs.  The building grant of $20,000 will be available for eligible applicants who enter into a contract build for a new home and is a further draw card for aspiring migration applicants.

Australia’s economy is resilient and stable making the continent’s economy a low-risk investment environment for conducting business. Over the last few decades, there has been major industrial economic growth in the Australian economy.  Although the country is facing the COVID-19 Pandemic with the rest of the world, the Australian authorities are committed to a steadfast recovery by providing a mega stimulus financial package to the people of Australia.

FBP International has been open for business as usual during the pandemic to help guide our clients with all the support with everything in Australian immigration.  During these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic, FBP is proud to be the only Australian immigration consultants who have a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. This allows FBP to provide our clients with consultations, lodge EOIs and receive important communication from Australian Authorities online.

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