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Qualifications Australia – accredited courses online for Dubai


Accredited Courses Online for Dubai

Life Continuously Offers Pathways & Right Qualification Offers Better Future

Life is a continuous journey of seeking and choosing the pathway that best suits your life goals and values. Gaining the right qualification help you meet your career goals in an ever-changing and competitive global job market and see yourself in a rewarding career. Australia offers a professional qualification that makes a difference. Australian qualification allows you to gain appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills with the relevant Australian standards. Furthermore, the Australian qualification enjoys international recognition and reputation. If you are new to Australia or a newly arrived skilled migrant in Australia, Qualification Australia can help you obtain the most suitable Australian qualification or get your overseas qualification or work experience recognised to work in your area of expertise in Australia.

Qualification Australia is about the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through education, work and/or life experiences. For example, working in an office could help you get a certificate in business administration. Working on a farm could count towards a qualification in agriculture or mechanics. Working as a volunteer with teenagers may get you a certificate in youth work. This applies for both paid and unpaid work.

If you’re thinking about studying or training, think first about what skills you already have. You may be able to reduce the time it takes to get your qualification and may not need to study at all.

Qualification Australia courses/programs are formally accredited which are Nationally Recognised. Nationally Recognised Training is a formal process to ensure training meets the standard required by the Australian industry.


  • Align any overseas qualification and/or experiences and make it comparable to the Australian QSAVEualification Framework.
  • There are no requirements to study or attend any online or physical classes.
  • Meets the Australian industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community needs
  • Meets national quality assurance requirements.
  • Increase your job search and employment opportunities and career progression.
  • It meets the qualification standards which may be a prerequisite for Australian Employment where overseas qualification may not be accepted.
  • Is nationally and internationally recognised.
  • Help Human Resource practitioners seeking to determine your wage/award level.



Select your accredited online courses


Pre-Screen your accredited online courses


Sign-up for your application


Follow the checklist & receive documents


Submit to the institute via Qualification Australia process


Receive recognised accredited Australian Qualification


Business & Finance – Business plans, Financial reports, Strategic Plans, Meeting Minutes, Marketing Plans, Advertising Campaigns, legislation Documents

Community Services – Case Management Notes, Behaviour Reports, Food Charts/ Logs, Day Care Plans, Policies and Procedures

Events, Tourism & Media – Business Plans, Marketing Strategies, Budgeting Documents, Financial Documents, Projects, Presentations/Reports

Fitness & Recreation – Activity Guides / Programs, Coaching/Feedback Sheets, Marketing Documents, Financial Documents, Training Documents, Performance Reviews, Injury / Rehabilitation Documents

Information Technology – Networking (system-based documents, building/testing servers, framework designs, troubleshooting screenshots), Programming (software tools, building interfaces, developing/testing systems), IT Support (Business Strategies, system testing documents, maintenance strategies), Web Design & Development (Website builds/ tools, system-based documents, creation of web pages/programs, research documents)

Retail Services – Projects, Employment Documents, Performance Reviews, Marketing Strategies, Advertising Campaigns, Coaching/Training Documents

Security & Cleaning – Cleaning Guides/Documents, Policies & Procedures, Project Management, Risk Management Documents, Customer Service Feedback

Transport & Logistics – Policies and Procedures, Import/Export Documents, Audit Report s, Business Plans, Projects, Budgets and Finance Documents

VET – Assessment Tools, learning Strategies Developed, Training Guides/ Manuals, Research Tools, Feedback Sheets

Aircon / Refrigeration & Electrical – Photos, SWMS, Work orders, Invoices, Quotes, Plans, Drawings, Contracts

Automotive – Photos, Work Orders, Job Cards, Service Sheets, Invoices, Quotes, JSA’s

Building & Construction – Photos, Quotes, Plans, Drawings, SWMS, Contracts

Commercial Cookery & Hospitality – Photos/Videos, Rosters, Stock Takes/Orders, Temperature Sheets, Appointment setting docs, Cleaning Schedules, Policies and procedures, Menus

Civil Construction – Photos, Invoices, Quotes, Drawings, SWMS, Contracts, JSA’s

Engineering – SWMS, JSA’ s, Work Orders, Service Sheets, Maintenance Reports, Job cards, Plans, Drawings, Photos

Hair & Beauty – Photos/Videos, Invoices, Stock Orders, Style Guides, Price list, Marketing/ Advertising Documents, Appointment Sheets/Calendars

Health & Massage – Photos/Video s, Stock Orders, Invoices, Appointment Sheets/Calendars, Marketing / Advertising Documents, Price list

Meat processing – Photos, First Aid, Policies and procedures, Hygiene Practices, Orders/stocktake

Mining & Resources – Photos, Plans, Drawings, SWMS, JSA’s, Take S’s, Pre-start s, Toolbox Meetings, Site inductions, Hazard/Risk Registers,
Reports/Handover notes