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Temporary Visas

Thousands of international students make Australia their destination for higher education every year due to the country’s top-of-the-line education system. There are many students who want to make Australia their home after they complete their studies in an Australian higher education institution. The international graduating students want to call Australia home because they want to secure their future and keep enjoying the premium lifestyle they already have. For these students, Australian authorities have introduced temporary visas that serve as extension of their current student visas. During the tenure of these temporary visas, students can apply under the Australian General Skilled migration program and seek employment opportunities within the country.


Australia has been experiencing phenomenal growth in terms of its economy and overall infrastructure. There’s a lot of talent required in the continent to maintain the steady growth rate of the country. This is the main reason that compels Australia to keep its doors open for Skilled Migrants and the students who complete their education. In fact, Australian graduated international students find it easier to settle down and work in the country because they are already aware of the country’s culture, societal norms etc.


There are two visa types for international students who graduate from an Australian higher education institutes. These visas are namely Subclass 485 and 476. Generally, these visas are for international students who have recently graduated with skills and qualifications that are relevant to specific occupations in Australia. This visa allows these fresh graduates to live, study and work in Australia temporarily.


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476 (Recognized Graduate) Visa

This visa allows recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia for up to 18 months
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485 (Graduate Temporary) Visa

A temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work after you have finished your studies.
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