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Resident Return Visa

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    Resident Return Visa

    Find out how often you have to apply for RRV once you’re permanent resident

    Once you get a permanent visa, it is initially valid for 5 years. This expiry date is essentially a tourist opportunity. If you stay in Australia for more than 5 years, your permanent residence will not expire and will only affect your ability to leave Australia and re-enter as a permanent resident.

    Five-year RRV

    In order to obtain a new five (5) year travel vehicle (known as a Permanent Resident Return Visa, or RRV), the basic criterion is that you have spent at least two (2) years out of five (5) years most recently present in Australia as a permanent resident visa holder.

    One-year RRV

    If you cannot meet the “2 out of 5” requirement, you may be eligible for a return visa with a one-year travel value. As noted above, if you stay in Australia beyond the one-year validity period, your permanent residency does not expire, only the possibility of leaving and then re-entering Australia as a disabled permanent resident affect.

    Three-month RRV

    Permanent residents with less than 2 years of presence in Australia and who have not established a significant link of interest with Australia may be eligible for a three-month RRV. For example, you may have moved to Australia when you are nearing the end of your migration travel service and need to travel abroad before you can establish important connections. As above, if you stay in Australia beyond the 3-month validity period, your permanent residency does not expire, only your ability to leave and then re-enter Australia as a permanent resident is affected.

    You must be:

    • Australian permanent residents: a former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent resident visa has not been cancelled.
    • a former Australian citizen who has lost or renounced their citizenship.
    • Passport: Must be valid passport
    • Character: You must meet character requirement
    • Limitations: You are not eligible for this visa if your last permanent visa has been cancelled.
    • We will not accept your application if you receive notice that your permanent business visa may be cancelled. You do not need to apply for this visa if you have:
    • authorization back (ATR) issued from 1 March 1976 to 31 August 1979
    • return certificate (RE) issued from September 1979 to December 31, 1986 one BF111

    Both the a hundred and fifty five and 157 visas are everlasting visas. They will let you adopt all the sports that your authentic everlasting visa will let you adopt:

    • live in Australia indefinitely
    • paintings and look at in Australia
    • enrol in Medicare, Australia`s scheme for health-associated care and expenses
    • sponsor eligible spouse and children for everlasting residence journey to and from Australia as generally as you need whilst the
    • journey facility is valid
    • observe for Australian citizenship, if eligible.