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Permanent Residency Visa

The General Skilled Migration – commonly referred to as GSM visa for Australia – is a permanent residence (PR) permit. This Australian PR visa is issued by the Australian authorities and allows the receiver to permanently stay in Australia along with provision to work and study. This type of Australian permanent visa doesn’t come with a duration attached to it and allows the holders of this visa to apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years, if eligible.

The general benefits accompanying the General Skilled Migration Visa types are as follow:

Stay in Australia permanently

Under the General Skilled Migration scheme, the applicant is granted permanent stay in Australia. This is different in case of a visit visa or a provisional visa. However, before conferring a PR visa to an applicant, there is usually a provisional visa awarded that enables the applicant to apply for an Australian PR Visa once they enter the country.

Work and study in Australia

Under the skilled migration visa regime, the holder of this visa can settle, work and study in Australia. This means that the Australia PR visa holders can enrol in higher education course and apply for the jobs that are available and suitable for them.

Enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare

Australia offers a comprehensive nation-wide medical insurance program called Medicare. Once enrolled in Medicare, an individual is entitled to medical treatment at low or no cost. The Australian Medicare program is now available for migrants on a general skilled migration visa. This means that the new migrants won’t have fears of high medical cost in case they fall sick.

Travel to and from Australia

After entering Australia on a General Skilled Migration visa, the migrants can travel in and out of Australia freely.

Apply for Australian citizenship

The PR granted under the GSM is also considered a pathway to Australian Citizenship. Most of the GSM PR holders apply for conferral of the Australian Citizenship. The citizenship entitles the migrants a naturalized Australian status and after becoming a citizen they are entitled to Australian passport, election voting etc.

The General Skilled Migration visa regime has specific criterion set for different visa subclasses. However, some of the general eligibility criteria is as under:

  • The points test pass mark = 65
  • Have an occupation on the STSOL or MLTSSL (and if on the STSOL have options for a state to sponsor you)
  • Have the right qualifications and work experience for the occupation you nominate. The tasks and duties performed should be relating to the occupation you nominate.
  • Meet the skills assessment criteria for the occupation you nominate
  • Meet the age, and English criteria (e.g. IELTS / PTE)
  • Meet health and character criteria

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