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Mabuhay Pilipinas! Here Are 5 Events In Dubai To Celebrate Philippine’s Independence Day

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Mabuhay! (Long live!)

We know the Filipinos not just in this country, but all over the world- to be some of the happiest, most helpful and smiling bunch. The diligence, respect and integrity of the Pinoys is a recognisable trait to so many of those around them, and aren’t we all so glad the nation of the Philippines came to be.

In commemoration of the Philippine’s 121st Independence Day from Spanish rule, several areas in the UAE will hold events that aren’t to miss on Wednesday, June 12.

Spectators will be able to observe the substantial aspects of the Philippine culture and heritage during the month-long festivities in the country.

Check some of them out below:

1. Flag hosting at the Philippine Embassy!

Visit the Philippine embassy & consulate to kick start the month-long Independence Day festivities and observe the flag hoisting ceremony on Wednesday, June 12 along with a display of fireworks later that evening.

Where? Philippine Embassy and Consulate, Dubai

When? June 12 from 7.30am

2. Experience a record-breaking laser light show at Dubai Festival City

Imagine Laser & Light Show at Dubai Festival City will host a record breaking laser light show called ‘Imagine’ on the eve of the Philippine Independence

This will be done to commemorate the country’s opulent history & heritage

P.S. these laser light shows will run on for THREE consecutive days after 7pm.

Where? Dubai Festival City

When? June 12 from 9pm, June 13-15 from 7pm-onwards.

3. Watch a live fashion show by FAB local designers

How ’bout celebrating the Independence day in style?

The Philippine Independence Day Community fashion show is a free-for-all event that’ll showcase the best of local Filipino fashion. Spend your Friday evening FABULOUSLY by watching the ‘Ystilo at Moda’ show at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Where? Zaabel Hall 5, Dubai World Trade Center

When? June 14, from 9am-8pm.

4.Enjoy a fun dat at Dubai Parks with a special event for the public on Independence Day

A grand spectacle will be held at the Bollywood Park at Dubai Parks and Resorts- and it’s one NOT to miss.

Where? Rajmahal Theater, Bollywood Park, Dubai Parks and Resorts

When? June 15

P.S. There’s ANOTHER community event at the same location on June 14 where FREE tickets will be given away!

5. Celebrate the life of Philippine’s national hero

Commemorate the 158th birth anniversay of Philippines national hero, Jose Rizal.

Where? Philippine Consulate-General

When? June 19 at 7pm.