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New South Wales


The Sydney Morning Herald reported in a recent news item that migrants have kept coming into NSW in the last five years. While ‘Sydneysiders’ have kept getting out of town. The news article further relates that many getting out of Sydney’s inner parts are moving into its outer regions.

There are many reasons why people would move outside of urban areas in favor of the regional parts. Not the least of which would be due to career changes or lifestyle changes. To settle down in an environment conducive to retirement or raising a young family. Cleaner air, safer neighborhoods, and a slower pace.
But why choose to move to NSW? What’s there, anyway?
Here we’ve rounded up few great reasons why living in New South Wales is the right idea.

In New South Wales, you can create a home in cosmopolitan, cultured communities and enjoy some of the world’s highest living standards. You can choose from buzzing beachside suburbs, leafy family neighborhoods, and rural farming towns.
NSW is Australia’s most multicultural State, where over 200 different languages are spoken, and the people are friendly and welcoming. Regardless of where you come from or where you decide to settle, you will find social and support networks with communities from many different backgrounds and religions.

New South Wales is one of the more expensive States in Australia, especially if you choose to be in or around Sydney’s capital – but the salaries in this area are designed to take into account this extra cost.

NSW residents enjoy a thriving economy. They experience highly-competitive pay rates and reasonably priced goods and services. But one of the significant reasons people flock to this part of the country is its affordable housing options.
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, more popularly known as ‘The Act,’ sets out to promote inexpensive housing availability.
A council can amend its local environment plan (LEP) to give way to cheap contribution schemes for rental housing and impose low-cost housing contributions.
With the help of local government and not-for-profit community housing providers, people living in NSW can realize their life-long dream of owning their home.

If you are considering a move, you might want to think about new suburbs and cities too. There are plenty of attractive places in New South Wales that can be ideal for retirees enjoying their newfound freedom.