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Re-entry ban or exclusion period

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    Re-entry ban or exclusion period

    Violation of condition may lead to re-entry ban or exclusion period, check how

    A re-entry ban, also known as an exclusion period, means you may be denied entry to Australia for up to three years. Violation of the conditions for obtaining a visa may result in a re-entry ban. Re-entry ban applies in the following cases:

    My visa has been canceled for the following reasons:

    • If you have submitted false documents or false information to the Ministry of Home Affairs
    • If you believe you are a threat to the health, safety or order of Australian society
    • If you are convicted of a violation of Commonwealth or Australian state or territorial law
    • It has been found that the conditions for obtaining a visa have been violated.
    • If you have a student visa but are unable to maintain proper enrollment, have violated other visa conditions, or have been found not to be an actual student
    • If you have a visitor visa but are not in Australia as an actual visitor.