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    Qualifications Australia

    Exclusively Partnered with Qualifications Australia in the region of United Arab Emirates, Philippines & Malaysia

    Qualifications Australia is committed to bridge the career and education gap by ensuring a successful future. We’ve helped thousands of fully satisfied applicants, who are grateful for the second opportunity they’ve received to revive their career. Qualifications Australia was established to assist applicants worldwide to align their current work and life experiences with Australian qualifications through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

    Qualifications Australia is based in Australia, and our legal team can guide you through the process! The opportunity to earn higher incomes and remuneration with Australian Qualifications are higher than any other overseas qualifications. Qualifications Australia can help you achieve your dream career within the Australian Qualification Framework. The program helps you to have a globally accepted certification from world class universities and institutions.

    FBP International facilitates Australian Qualifications as the Exclusive partner of Qualifications Australia in the region of United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Malaysia.

    Why Qualifications Australia?

    Qualifications Australia is an autonomous organization that comprises seasoned educationalists, immigration consultants, and lawyers. Qualifications Australia is an Australian-based consultancy company that collaborates with Australian educational equivalence bodies to adjust your professional work experience into valid and globally recognized Australian Qualifications.

    Qualifications Australia ensures the streamlining of your certification process by academic experts. Our team has more than 30 years of cumulative experience with a deep understanding of Australian certification requirements, delivering a stress-free, streamlined process for you.

    Benefits of Qualifications Australia

    • QA can match any international work experience with a suitable Australian Qualification
    • Your Qualification from QA meets the educational qualification standards for Australian immigration and employment purposes
    • No attendance (on-campus or online) required
    • Qualifications from QA are recognised by all employers and education institutions in Australia and around the world
    • Increases your job prospects, future opportunities and career progression
    • Improves your earning potential and benefits
    • Graduation certificate and academic transcript awarded within 4 months
    • Join thousands of satisfied clients
    Qualifications Australia

    Highlights of Qualifications Australia

    Qualifications Australia helps you to bridge the educational gap from the comfort of your home with the following benefits:

    • No Study Required
    • No Exams Required
    • No Prior Qualifications Required
    • No Age Limit
    • No English required
    • No Travel to Australia Required
    • No Visa Required
    • No Proof of Bank Balance Required
    Qualifications Australia

    Different Types of Qualifications

    Qualifications Australia provides the opportunity to acquire various qualifications such as the following which are globally recognised. 

    • Certificate III
    • Certificate IV
    • Diploma
    • Graduate Diploma
    • Advanced Graduate Diploma
    Qualifications Australia

    Get Qualifications in various industries based on 2+ years of work experience!

    Qualifications Australia is a boon to many professionals and those who couldn’t unfortunately receive formal educational qualification, yet have professional work experience. Transform your life by validating your work experience into an Australian Qualification- that too at the comfort of your home!

    Qualifications Australia facilitates various qualifications in the following industries: