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At FBP International you can find the solutions to all your requirements for AUSTRALiA which includes but is not limited to the immigration visa process, post-landing settlement services, business setup and/or business expansion anywhere in Australia.

Being Australian owned and operated with 50+ years of relationship with Australia and 30+ years of cumulative experience in Australian Immigration, we have a global reputation of making the world connect to Australia and make Australian Immigration much easier, faster, quicker, reliable, and dependable.

30+ Years of Cumulative Experience

We are the only firm in the region to have in-house Australian Registered Migration Agents and Australian Legal Practitioners, all experts who specialize in Australian Immigration Law.

We are also the only firm with associations with, but not limited to AFSL Financial Consultants, Financial & Tax Accountants, Corporate Commercial and Business Lawyers, Contract Lawyers, Business Brokers, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Agents, Trading Companies & Associations, and State & Federal Government Bodies.

All our clients are handled only by our Australian experts. The Australian dream is one filled with a safe, promising, and bright future. When you walk into our door, we don’t see you as an application, but we treat you as one of our own and help you and your family with your dreams and goals to take a flight with us back Home.

Our Home is your Home.
Migrate to Australia with us!

  • FBP International is the only firm in the region to offer end-to-end Australian immigration services, including comprehensive settlement services for clients for up to two years after arrival in Australia to ensure a seamless transition for them. These settlement services are offered to the client at no additional cost and part of a complete package, including migration and settlement consultation. Our clients can open their Australian bank accounts – free of charge – before even departing from their home country and avail of a host of other services. 
  • We provide exclusive services with certifications and transcripts to bridge educational gaps when applying for Australian immigration – in association with Qualifications Australia (QA) 
  • We provide expert advice and turnkey consultation to help streamline existing Australian Migration Consultancy businesses and establish new initiatives in the field. We also help companies set up additional services that create value, such as settlement services and Australian Qualifications Equivalization. FBP International helps migration and settlement businesses grow by auditing procedures, offering financial support in accounting and budgeting, lead generation, and devising marketing and sales strategies. We provide ICT infrastructure with streamlined processes and support for digitizing business processes that include a CRM back-end facility for clients and immigration lawyers, online documentation and application lodgements, and setting-up of online payment gateways. 
  • FBP’s global presence is continuously growing with multiple offices, franchisees, partners, affiliations, and sales agents worldwide. We are also building and fostering careers through our Sales Agent Program – which offers freelance professionals a platform and an opportunity to be their boss and work with our powerful brand identity in the field of Australian immigration and settlement – all with an investment as low as $100. In this program, FBP provides extensive support, guidance, and training in operations, marketing, lead generation, legal expertise, digital and IT processes, and systems to ensure that every sales agent has the best chance to succeed and enjoy high returns with immediate cashflow. 
  • Although we have a network of sales agents and offices across different locations, we cannot scam our clients as they only receive communications through our secure ICT infrastructure. All payments made to FBP International are through our online payment gateway, which goes directly to our Australian Head Office; this safeguards our clients from any potential fraudulent activities. 
30+ cumulative years of hands-on experience in providing comprehensive end-to-end Australian immigration and settlement services

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