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Businesses & Investment

Australia is a stable and low-risk destination for investment, thanks to our resilient economy, dynamic industries and strong trade ties with the world. We offer a business-friendly environment, a smart, enterprising workforce and a lifestyle that’s the envy of the world.

We have a flexible and resilient economy and markets, which help us respond effectively to all manner of disruptions. Our resilience is built on sound governance and strong institutions. We have a record of global success in significant industries, thanks to our strong ties with the world’s major markets.

Perhaps our greatest asset is our creative, resourceful, and enterprising people. As one of the most multicultural and multilingual countries globally, we use our global ties to connect with the best the world has to offer.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in and do business with Australia.

  • Resilient economy
    • A resilient economy based on strong exports, vibrant services, and sound institutions.
  • Dynamic industries
    • Global demand for Australia’s energy, minerals, and food.
  • Innovation & skills
    • Research, academia, and diversity spark an innovation nation.
  • Global ties
    • Location and low tariffs fire up a trading powerhouse.
  • Strong foundations
    • A pro-business culture, sound banks, and good governance.

One of the most stable and resilient economies in the world today, Australia is in its 27th consecutive year of economic growth. The economy is growing at a rate of 3.4% through the year which is the fastest growth rate since 2012’s mining investment boom.
Australia’s stable political environment, its good governance and transparent regulatory framework make it a very attractive investment destination. Australia has an unchanged corporate tax rate of 30% for 17 consecutive years.
Australia’s strategic location make it an ideal base for foreign investment and trade. There is proximity to high growth markets in the Asia Pacific region which comprise the majority of its export markets. Its location also allows for many international trading agreements. Currently Australia has seven free trading agreements with nine others in the pipeline. It also benefits from time zone differences, where Australia bridges major world time zones. Global companies can also benefit from time zone differences. Australia bridges major world time zones providing them with 24 hour access.