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Expertise is our superpower that we use to serve our client legal assistance!

FBP International is proud to say that it’s the only firm in the GCC region to have in-house Australian Lawyers and Advisors who specialize in Australian Immigration Law, which we believe allows us to provide Australian immigration advice at the highest standard, unlike most migration agencies. Australian Immigration law is highly specialized in the area of the law and hence Registered Migration Agents (RMA’s), even in Australia, are not always thoroughly equipped and experienced to advise.

A significant difference between an RMA, and an Immigration Lawyer, is the level of qualification and study undertaken. For example, if your case goes to court, our Immigration Lawyers have complete knowledge and experience and thus can provide seamless representation, unlike an RMA.
The level of training and education is clearly more rigorous than that required for agents, not to mention that migration lawyers are held to a higher and more professional standard of conduct through the legal profession. During their study, migration lawyers are trained in subjects such as statutory interpretation, legal research and communication, administrative law and civil procedure. The depth of this legal training equips migration lawyers with a far more advanced and comprehensive skill set which will be used in handling your migration matter.

“FBP International’s in-house Australian Immigration Lawyers and Advisors makes us the ONLY qualified, knowledgeable, and highly experienced firm in this region to offer Australian Immigration legal advice and services.”

The Migration Amendment (Regulation of Migration Agents) Act 2020 was passed by both Houses of Parliament on 15 June 2020 and will come into effect of 22 March 2021 (the new legislation). The new legislation will amend the Migration Act 1958, so that Australian legal practitioners holding practising certificates that are not subject to supervision will no longer be required or entitled, to register with the OMARA as migration agents.

Importantly, after the commencement of the new legislation and subject to the conditions on their practising certificate, Australian legal practitioners will be able to provide immigration assistance in connection with legal practice without holding registration as a migration agent with the OMARA.

Despite being referred to as Australian immigration law experts, we save money and charge significantly less than most immigration law firms for the same work. All of this is for the benefit of individuals and families who wish to use our services.

Our Legal Team

FBP International is proud to say that it’s the only firm in the region to have in-house Australian Lawyers and Advisors.

Janine Elizabeth - LLB/LP

Australian Legal Practitioner

Janine is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Australian immigration specialist that enables her to provide a high level of immigration assistance.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice from Flinders University, South Australia, and completed her practical legal training at a full-service law firm in Adelaide where she was drawn to Australian immigration law. In 2014, Janine was admitted to practice as a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of South Australia and has been in the migration profession.
Since February 2023, Mrs. Janine is a member of the Law Society of Western Australia, and she has become a registered practitioner of the High Court of Australia.

Janine has significant immigration practical experience and her extensive understanding of Australian migration law and the Australian immigration system has seen her support individuals and families through complex visa applications, including visa cancellations, with a high success rate. Her areas of expertise are in General Skilled Migration, Resident Return, Partner, Child, Citizenship and Administrative Appeals Tribunal matters.