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Subclass 115 (Remaining Relative) Visa

Relative Visa

Subclass 115 (Remaining Relative) Visa

With the Remaining Relative (Subclass 115) Visa, individuals can permanently move to Australia and be with their only close family members.

Benefits of Subclass 115

The benefits of a Subclass 115 (Remaining Relative) Visa include:

  • Freedom to stay in Australia permanently
  • Work and study privileges
  • Enrolment in Medicare
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years from visa grant date
  • Sponsorship of eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

To be eligible for Subclass 115 (Remaining Relative) Visa, individuals must:

  • Have a sponsor who is:

○ A close relative
○ Approved for sponsorship

  • Have no other close relatives who:

○ Live outside Australia, or
○ Live in Australia on a temporary visa or bridging visa

  • Obtain assurance of support.
  • Meet the health requirements.
  • Meet the character requirements.
Location when Applying

Individuals must be outside Australia when they apply and when the application is decided upon.

Including Family

Members of the family unit can be included in the visa application with in-depth information regarding whether they are migrating, etc. In addition, family members being added to the primary applicant’s application must meet the health and character requirements.

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