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103 (Parent) Visa

103 (Parent) Visa

Migrate to Australia along with your parents permanently

This visa is suitable for the parent(s) of a child/stepchild who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident. If granted, this visa will allow the parent or parents to migrate permanently to Australia to accompany their children.

This permanent visa allows the parent of an Australian citizen to settle as permanent resident.

Whether you are eligible for this visa depends on a number of factors such as:

  • the residency status of your child(ren) in Australia the length of time the sponsored child has lived in Australia
  • if you complete the family balance test
  • if you meet certain criteria for health and character

Step 1Start your Process with FBP
Step 2Check your eligibility
Step 3Submit all your documents
Step 4Lodge Visa application
Step 5Receive 103 Visa Grant
  • There can be a long wait time of up to 30 years before this visa is approved.
  • If you are in Australia and your current temporary visa is about to expire, you will not be eligible for a transitional visa to stay in Australia. This is because you must be outside Australia when a decision is made regarding your claim.
  • allowed to work or study
  • access to health care through Medicare – subsidized by the government
  • ability to sponsor family members for permanent settlement in Australia (waiting period applies)

Social Security (waiting period applies)

The applicant

  • the applicant must have a child who is an Australian citizen,
  • Australian permanent resident

The sponsor

  • your child`s partner
  • guardian or family member of your child
  • guardian or family member of your child`s partner
  • a community organisation

Balance of family test
Half or majority of a children should be permanent resident of Australia.

Sponsor must be 18 years and above to sponsor.

Sponsor shouldn’t have any debt to the government of Australia if any must repay.

Refusal or cancellation
Applicant might not be able to apply for visa if visa gets rejected or cancelled while they are in Australia.

Duration of the visa
visa is valid up to 2 years from the date you enter.

Applicant’s obligation
Applicant should comply with law and visa conditions of the country.

You could enroll in free Medicare.

Assurance of support
Coverage of Assistance (AoS) is a legal commitment by a sponsor, family member, organization or other person who may qualify as an insurer, to repay certain security payments. Social Security for the Australian government was paid to an individual or their family members applying to migrate to Australia during their AoS period

Character requirement
Must meet personality requirement.

Visa obligations
Individual can not apply if they do not hold substantive visa and might get rejected and cancelled.